Lemon Souffle Pancakes

Every once in awhile, my thoughts wander, contemplating owning a B&B or little country inn. I’m enough of a realist, that the first “B” part of the fantasy, as in “bed”, means mountains of linen laundry and endless changing of sheets, not my idea of a good time. It’s the second “B”, the breakfast part, that keeps me dreaming. Whenever one of my latest experiments is approved by happy, contented faces gathered around my breakfast table, I find myself contemplating, “what if” and “if only”.

The irony is, I’d never have expected any of my dreams to have included the word “breakfast”, unless it had something to do with travel, Paris and croissants. For most of my life, breakfast was something to be avoided, having an aversion to boxed cereals and pancake mixes, frozen waffles, and grocery-store eggs, all of which left me feeling queasy and light-headed. A simple piece of dry toast, accompanied by a cup of hot tea, satisfied me for decades. It was when my husband and I stayed at a quaint and historic Maine B&B, that I was inspired to expand my breakfast horizon.

Oatmeal Souffle'

I can’t inform Daniel, 7, the night before I’m planning on making Oatmeal Souffle’ for breakfast. He becomes overly enthused, tapping me on the shoulder, arousing me from my 5am slumber demanding to know, “When, oh, when are you going to get up and make your fabulous Oatmeal Souffle’, Mommy? I can’t wait any longer!” Sarah, 12, has decided it’s time for her to memorize all the recipes of her favorite foods, and this recipe is at the top of her list. For both of them, this recipe is going to be one of those “memory foods” – soul foods – which I hope they’ll continue to make for their children.