Microbes & The Days of Creation

Without microbes, life itself would be impossible. But say the words “bacteria” or “virus”, and most people rush for the antibacterial soaps or sanitizers in a desire to kill off “germs” they believe might hurt them. In reality, as the following article points out, Only about 5–10% of all bacteria are pathogenic.

Turning those numbers around, we could say that, ….about 90-95% of all bacteria are beneficial. That’s a dramatically different perspective which can change the way we look at the world around us, including the food that we eat and how it is cared for and processed.

Boycott Whole Foods

I’m so over Whole Foods. I was over Whole Food many years ago when they offered more GMO (genetically modified organism) than they did organic foods in their produce department. And when I found out their supposedly “free range chickens” were “vegetarian”, (Please, chickens forced to lead a vegetarian life? Give me a break.) that moved them lower on my list. And when they refused to carry a single piece of grass-fed beef (Ruminant. Look it up. Doesn’t mean “eats grains”) that pretty much did them in as far as I was concerned.

As much as Whole Foods has profited from their support to “Eat Local”, it appears they aren’t even doing a good job in that department.