Cranberry Chutney

It’s the eating-time-of-year again! The best way to do that for the upcoming holiday feasts is to spread out the tasks over days, making foods that benefit from become richer in flavor when their flavors are given some time to meld.

Cranberry chutney is a perfect example with a variety of flavors mellow and become more united with time. In fact, it has become so popular, ordinary cranberry relish is a thing-of-the-past in our household. The chutney was a bit of an intense change the first year, so it was barely touched (other than by me). The second year, everyone was a bit more adventurous. The third year? No one touched the other two classics – orange & cranberry relish and a cranberry cream-cheese salad, instead, inhaling the chutney. The fourth year, everyone declared that turkey sandwiches had to have cranberry chutney, so I made a double batch. This year? I’m not wasting the time on the classics. My youngest child already asked if I was making “that yummy chutney”, so I’d better get to it!