So Much Food, So Little Time.....

My husband researched restaurants ahead of time, discovering Penang had great reviews. We were on a mission, wanting Laksa, a Maylaysian soup for which there are hundreds of recipes and thousands of condiments from which one might choose to grace its surface creating variations as unique as individual taste.

Once seated, having a few sips of hot tea automatically delivered with the menus, we encountered our first problem of a long, lovely day. There were too many wonderful items on the menu. Malay cuisine is a wonderful mix, a “Best Of” including satay, nasi lemak, rendang, roti canai, murtabak, laksa – dishes from countries near ‘n far, influenced by ancient trade routes including China, north and south India, Thailand and even Portugal.

Boycott Whole Foods

I’m so over Whole Foods. I was over Whole Food many years ago when they offered more GMO (genetically modified organism) than they did organic foods in their produce department. And when I found out their supposedly “free range chickens” were “vegetarian”, (Please, chickens forced to lead a vegetarian life? Give me a break.) that moved them lower on my list. And when they refused to carry a single piece of grass-fed beef (Ruminant. Look it up. Doesn’t mean “eats grains”) that pretty much did them in as far as I was concerned.

As much as Whole Foods has profited from their support to “Eat Local”, it appears they aren’t even doing a good job in that department.