Pyrex In Name Only

Life would be substantially more difficult without standards. -Rafael Aguayo

I have no clue who the fellow is, credited with the quote. I just know that right now, in light of what I just discovered about Pyrex, it’s a great quote.

I grew up with Pyrex. The same Pyrex measuring set that my mother used as a newlywed, several years before I was born, was the very same Pyrex that I used to make my first cake when I was 11 years old. Decades later, the very same measuring cups are still being used, as good as the day they were purchased other than a little wear and tear on the bottoms – typical for glassware.

I still have my original Pyrex 1-cup measuring glass, purchased when I got my first apartment. It has been used in the microwave, used to melt liquids by sitting on an open flame, has fallen in the sink, on the floor, off the counter and it doesn’t have a scratch.