There's No Pork Like Home....

Juicy BBQ Pork When we’re in the mood for North Carolina pulled pork – the only meat recognized as true “barbecue” in that state – nothing stands in the way of my husband including alternating rain, sleet and snow, all of which were bouncing off his unprotected head as he rolled the Traeger wood pellet grill from the garage into the driveway, announcing we were “good to go”.

Firing up the grill, giving it a chance for a good preheat, gave him time to throw together the mop sauce and also let the pork shoulder – rubbed down the day before with his special spice blend and refrigerated over night – come up to room temperature. Some interesting research shows that spice blends, marinades and mop sauces play a protective role, reducing mutagenic compounds –

Beef Short Ribs

There are favorite foods from my childhood, such as Swedish Pancakes, that I hope my children will continue to make, passing along the recipe for generations yet to come.

There are other foods, like beef short ribs, that I decided would end with me. My mother was a good cook. Her marinara sauce, which gently simmered for hours to perfection, is not something I’ve successfully replicated. She made a veal “hotdish” (Midwestern roots are showing) that earned praises and cheers. But when it came to pork chops or beef short ribs, they were, at best, tedious to eat, always dry, leathery and tough. My father always graciously excused them, saying to my mother, “That’s just the nature of short ribs. Good sauce, honey!”