Mold & Autism

In keeping within the bio-medical realm of possible Autism causes, one of the more intriguing is the theory of “infectious agents and toxins” interacting with a fetus/baby/child’s developing immune and neurologic systems resulting in changes and disruptions in those systems. The speculated result is Autism and sensory integration dysfunction, like my son.

Another article provided at the same site of Clark Seif Clark provides details of a Manhatten Beach settlement in which a family is awarded $22.6 million, claiming their son suffered brain damage because of lumber infested with toxin mold. – Sharon

Radio Frequency, Electricity & Health

Time is precious and I don’t have it right now to “clean up” this copy/paste of an interesting article about protecting oneself from electromagnetic fields in the home. The entire article can be read at

Linus Pauling - Vitamin C - Shizophrenia

At this point, anti-psychotics appear to be the only answer for helping Daniel battle this increasingly frightening world. In an ongoing quest to find more of a nutritional/natural treatment, is a Mother Earth News interview with Linus Pauling, long-time researcher and proponent of the benefits of vitamin C, discussing the use of niacin and vitamin c in controlling schizophrenia symptoms…

Viral Collobration - Antivirals & Immune Boosters

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Viral Colloboration - Possible Treatments

Viral Colloboration - What "Viral" Looks Like

Viral Colloboration - Intro & Background

Thank you, Anita K. from the Autism-Mercury list, for the incredible amoutn of work pulling together and analyzing a great deal of information to which a number of us contributed. We come from a wide variety of labels (Autism, PDD-NOS, Psychotic-NOS), views of cause (genetic, mercury from vaccines, viral) and treatment philosophies (chelation, individual-directed nutritional protocals, and naturopath-directed protocals). Where normally I’d expect some tension among people of greatly divergent views, this particular group is wonderfully unique in that everyone admits to the fact that no one knows, no one has the answers, and that we need each other and our experiences for the benefit of our children. The original file is posted in the “Files” section of the Yahoo group, Autism-Mercury. For my own research and archival purposes, I’ve copied and pasted the files to this blog, breaking it up into useful sections.

Super Healthy Milk

I posted this 88 days ago but am re-posting again because I think it is so important. A great article from Jo Robinson, writer of books and a helpful internet site:, provides compelling evidence that we MUST have REAL (unpasteurized, unhomogenized) dairy products in our diets! From the reduction of breast-cancer because of the CLA milk provides, to the right ratio of Essential Fatty Acids which I’m finding in my research, when out of balance contribute to a host of diseases includinga wide variety of mental “illness” including dementia and what I think is wrongly labeled as “Autistic”. Jo says it best, though, so click “read more” to view her entire article. When I think of the millions of public school children having daily doses of so-called “milk” (after they feed cows corn & soy, perverting the Essentially Fatty Acids, then pasteurize and homogenized it, killing off and perverting anything of value, it is difficult to label it as “milk”) it makes me want to cry. I believe we would see fewer behavioral and mental disorders if we all went back to natura grass-fed milk. Jo Robinson says it the best, so click ‘read more’ for her article. -S