Speaking of Squash

Squash Wrangling Techniques 101

I love kitchen tools and gadgets, collected strolling the aisles of Williams-Sonoma, Crate and Barrel or, my favorite, Restoration Hardware. Since I make all our meals from “scratch” – think pre-1880’s wife not reliant on industrialized food production – having the right tool for the task is a tremendous time-saver…..

Excellent Excalibur - Dehydration 101

Years ago, after struggling with the trials and tribulations of canning summer produce – working over a hot stove during the height of summer, finding room for space-hogging jars, and dealing with pouring blistering-hot ingredients (no, that is not me in the photo) – I “discovered” dehydration as a method of food preservation. It’s simple, quick and easy, the biggest problem being that one dehydrator isn’t enough. Nothing is safe, it seems, from my constant experimenting.

Sourdough English Muffins

Over the past year, my daughter Sarah and I have developed several wild yeast sourdough starters, from which we’ve created a variety of baked goods including waffles, breads, cinnamon rolls and cakes.

Yesterday, in the spirit of kitchen science, we experimented making English Muffins. We mixed our sourdough starter with goat milk, flour and sugar, then let it rest, covered, overnight. The next morning, we stirred in the remaining ingredients, kneaded for a couple minutes, let it rest, rolled and cut the muffins out and baked. It couldn’t have been easier…...

Kefir Whey Sourdough Starter

I began using creating my own sourdough starters about a year ago, beginning with the following instructions and recipe from Abby’s kefir whey sourdough starter recipe. Since then, I’ve tried several others, but Abby’s is so simple, good tasting, and successful, I keep going back to it as my primary starter….