Avoid Processed Orange Juice

Sharon’s note: Here’s a good Mercola article on the benefits of flavanoids from citrus fruit and information on why processed orange juice should be avoided. There is mention made that oranges should be avoid as they are the number one allergic fruit, but I’ll have to research that more, as I’ve heard that’s more a result of the molds and fungus on improperly stored fruit, than it is specific to ALL oranges.

Vitamin E

Great article on Vitamin E even if it’s from a site that sells supplements. Of late, I’m interested in finding out more about water and fat soluble vitamins – what they are, how they work in our bodies, where/how they’re available, etc. and Vitamin E seems to be a great place to begin. The key points I found to be of the greatest interest are in bold. In a nutshell, avoid heated vegetable oils, try to eat more raw food, don’t avoid nuts (the walnut, pecan, almond and pine nut variety – not the humans), and grind your own wheat. The best form of natural E, is found in real foods – not supplements – but that won’t be found in the article as it is a commercial site selling supplements – S

$415 million study - Low-Fat Doesn't Cut Risks

Nehemiah – 8:10 “Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto him for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye grieved; for the joy of Jehovah is your strength.”

If we’d only just followed the Lord’s advice and ignored the so-called “wisdom” of man… To sum up the $415 million study, they never had a clue in the first place making the ow-fat recommendations they did. Mainstream medicine made grossly inaccurate assumptions from a few poorly done studies, which has now caused at least two generations to eat the wrong kind of fat, and not enough of the right kind of fat resulting in soaring heart disease, cancer, and numerous other diseases… There’s protection in eating the right kind of fat – protection against cancer, against heart disease – just the way it was planned by the Provider…

And no, this isn’t yet one more of those studies that will reverse itself next year. This is no time to apathetically throw one’s hands up in the air saying, “Oh, you know how it goes – one day they say this, then another they say that….even too much air or water is dangerous….”. Get mad. Get real – as in REAL milk, REAL butter and REAL meat – all the foods that can be found from REAL farmers who know how to properly feed REAL food to their animals. And by the way, the grocery/processed food industries, along with the FDA and the pharmaceuticals are all strategizing how to make REAL food illegal. But more on that later…..

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Fast Food Humour

Time for a little food humour….but don’t attempt this if you’re using dial-up. Instead, simply click here and it will take you to this url: http://www.bendib.com/newones/2005/march/large/Fat%20Food.jpg


Food Science - WOF

I learn a lot hanging out on “food service”, “restaurant management” and “food processing” industrial sites. For me, it’s like being in the belly of the whale, or den of thieves, or pit of vipers….well, you get the idea. They’re not my favorite people. The attached article is fascinating to me because of the primary topic – Warmed Over Flavor (WOF) resulting from the oxidation of fat in fish, poultry, pork and beef due to any number of variables including high heat, storage, type of packaging used, lighting conditions, quality of the product, as well as what the “product” was fed during its life (in beef, grass-fed diet offers a completely different fat composition than grain-fed diets), etc.

Test Question: Is oxidation of our food –
a) good and healthy for our bodies
b) harmful to every major system of our body including endocrine, digestive, heart, respiratory, and neurological

Because the attached article is written by the food industry FOR the food industry, their primary concerns are that of making a nutritionally dead, off-tasting, off-smelling piece of grain-fed meat that has an objectionable Warmed Over Flavor (WOF) into an aromatic, tasty morsel. You’ll not find a word about nutrition as being their primary number one concern. Of course, they’re aware that WOF is indicative of something-gone-wrong with food-not-the-way-it’s-meant-to-be. Not their problem.

I am not lacking in logic to the degree that I think food processors owe us anything. Their accountability is to their share-holders – not to me and not to you. Their business, plain and simple, is to make something look good, smell good, and taste good, whether or not it actually is.
And as long as people live for the short-term goal of fixing their immediate cravings, or not having enough time to prepare proper food, the food industry will thrive, as will the pharmaceutical industry. We, I fear, will not unless we get back to real food made with our own hands.

Dairy Processing Handbook

This is, to me, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – a wealth of material which can be used to good advatange for everyone from cheesemakers to the average person, who just wants to know more about the chemical make-up of REAL milk. Most important, there’s valuable information in this document which explains, in great detail, WHY heating/pasteurizing milk is so very destructive resulting in what many call DEAD food.

Nothing New Under the Sun..

Words of wisdom written in 1924 about why milk should not be pasteurized, homogenized nor even cooked. While the rest of the online book pushes a diet high in fruit carbohydrates and raw vegetarian faire, the section on raw milk is a good read.

The Skinny on Fats

Sharon’s Note: This is a great basic Nutrition/Biology 101 article on basic nutritional concepts that should be taught in place of useless, misinformative food pyramids

Maybe not everyone wants to dig into the why and why not of what to eat like I do, but I do believe that if people better understood the basic science of nutrition and human nutritional biology, we’d all be better equipped and certainly better prepared when the ill-informed medical “professionals” start writing their little prescriptions for useless meds.

Learn in this article why cholesterol is NECESSARY and vital for a health life. There’s good reasoning behind fried foods being bad. It’s critical you eat fat – but the right kind. It’s all here…

A Must Own cookbook/reference book is “Nourishing Traditions”, which covers all this and more. Dr. Gardner’s article is a great beginning, but “Nourishing Traditions” gives the critical information as to why meat needs to be grass-fed, why dairy needs to be “raw”, why saturated fats from tropical oils is extremely healthy…

The Omega Point - Diet and the Unborn Child

I’m going to sound like a broken record, but with the “epidemic” levels of auto-immune, heart, diabetes and so-called “mental illness” disease in this country, we cannot afford to ignore research that shows evidence of the error of our ways and how to correct it. Omega 3 is critical to a brain and nervous system function.


Does your memory seem fuzzy at times? Do you have difficulties in remembering faces, facts, dates, or numbers? Do you experience memory lapses when you mind is just a blank? The cause could be traced to a nutritional deficiency. Your brain, like the rest of your body organs, requires a specific set of nutrients in order to function the way it should.