Lead in Soft Vinyl Lunchboxes - Update

About a year ago, I wrote about some soft vinyl lunchboxes containing lead. Since that time, Snopes (doesn’t everyone run there first?) confirmed it to be true. In July, 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration wrote another news release “urging” companies to “refrain fro marketing such lead-containing lunchboxes”. One would think if any company found their product contained lead, dangerous to small children even in miniscule amounts, they’d immediately pull their product off store shelves. And, as much as I don’t like regulations, and big government, this is one area I’d like to see the U.S. Food and Drug do more than “suggest”. Why aren’t there hefty fines involved for intentionally endangering children? For a company that appears to be aware and concerned, check out www.lunchboxes.com/. A disclaimer on the first page of their site claims their “lunch boxes are lead safe”. They provide further information for those interested. -Sharon

Nanotechnology - Personal Care Items

Neither the FDA nor the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel (CIR) has substantiated the safety of nano-scale materials, which means cosmetics manufacturers do not have to divulge the science supporting the safety of the materials to either the FDA or consumers. It is standard to rely on the CIR to assess the safety of ingredients, but the EWG release noted that the panel had not assessed a single nano-material, and had only reviewed 11 percent of conventional cosmetic ingredients.

The industry may have the studies to support the safety of these nano-materials, but they are not required to make any of this information available to the public,” said Jane Houlihan, vice president for research at EWG, and author of the assessment. “Manufacturers seem to be following the pattern they established with conventional chemical ingredients: Put poorly tested chemicals into personal care products and do the science later if at all.”

Bottom line:

There is an outcry from ethic and food safety groups asking government and industry (food and health) to do the research FIRST before marketing products directly to us. What is becoming more clear to me is that industry and government ARE doing their research – ON US. So “wheek” ike a guinea pig folks, because that is exactly what we are. The emerging field of nanotechnology will affect every single aspect of life – from clothing, to food, to health care.

For a partial list of personal care products containing nano-scale or micronized ingredients, check out Table 2.256 at the Environmental Working Group site.

Corporate Organic Myth

Cochineal - Bug Juice

What do the following have in common:

  • Good & Plenty candy
  • Dannon Fruit on the Bottom Boysenberry Yogurt
  • Yoplait Thicke & Creamy Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt
  • Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice
  • SoBe Courage Cherry Citrus Drinks
  • And, last, but not least by a long shot, naturally dyed red, magenta, brown, purple, scarlet, blue, and orange yarns.

Leafy Green Sewage

Popeye the Sailor Man never had to worry about E. coli O157:H7 poisoning in his day and age. That’s because he “lived” in a time when beef cattle were fed what they were supposed to eat – grass. Here’s a great article passed along by my friend, Debbie, which addresses the recent E. coli outbreak in spinach. It’s time to stop eating grain-fed meat – our entire environment, food chain, and health is being destroyed by it, as well as the poor beast who suffers eating a diet it wasn’t meant to eat. Deut 11:14 He will put grass in the fields for your cattle, and you will have plenty to eat. -Sharon

Excellent Excalibur - Dehydration 101

Years ago, after struggling with the trials and tribulations of canning summer produce – working over a hot stove during the height of summer, finding room for space-hogging jars, and dealing with pouring blistering-hot ingredients (no, that is not me in the photo) – I “discovered” dehydration as a method of food preservation. It’s simple, quick and easy, the biggest problem being that one dehydrator isn’t enough. Nothing is safe, it seems, from my constant experimenting.

The Truth About Vitamins in Nutritional Supplements

During a camping trip, after everyone had stuffed themselves with a gourmet campfire breakfast of organic sausages, farm-fresh eggs, fruit and yogurt salad, buttermilk organic-blueberry pancakes and maple syrup, our friends ran to their tent, retrieving a small suitcase. They returned, laying it on the picnic table, opening it to reveal a bounty of nutritional supplements in every imaginable form. “One for me”, the husband, looking like a woodsy pharamacologist said, “and one for you,” sliding his wife’s allotment across the picnic table…

Virus & Bacteria Sprayed Meat - Yum Yum


“Consumers won’t be aware that meat and poultry products have been treated with the spray, Zajac added. The Department of Agriculture will regulate the actual use of the product. The viruses are grown in a preparation of the very bacteria they kill, and then purified. The FDA had concerns that the virus preparation potentially could contain toxic residues associated with the bacteria. However, testing did not reveal the presence of such residues, which in small quantities likely wouldn’t cause health problems anyway, the FDA said.” – Associated Press, Aug. 18, 2006

Summer Bounty

I’d like to claim the amazing bounty of food we’ve been enjoying from this summer’s growing season has come from the labor of my own hands. The only thing our 3-acres produces in abundance is a steady supply of weeds, frogs, mosquitoes and wood chucks. After several years of trying raised-bed gardening and container gardening, I waved the white flag at the elements against me, joining a CSA (consumer supported agriculture) which has 80 other members.

New Hampshire Receiving $1.3 Bird Flu Money

I’ve just got to ask, WHAT BIRD FLU. Instead of whining and moaning about bureaucratic stupidity – politicians shouldn’t be involved in healthcare, that mainstreams doctors don’t provide healthcare, and that people need to start taking responsibility for themselves, not planning their food consumption around the latest dead-food industry marketing campaigns (Kellogg’s, Kraft, Land O’Lakes, General Mills, Pillsbury and everybody else) – how about if I just list websites where the correct information can be studied. Information IS power – the kind of power that is needed to break the stranglehold that politics, and the food/medical/Big Pharma industries have over our lives. The Federal Government would be far better off putting “bird flu funds” to REAL uses – like supporting the small family farm and bringing back REAL food! The big pharmaceuticals would never go for that, though. And that should be a concern for everyone to consider.