Everything I Want to do is Illegal

Galatians 5:1 “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

As a homeschooling, organic-food-feeding Mom who on occasion purchases illegal raw milk while traveling in states that have lost their decency and common sense, banning real milk, while subsidizing the pasteurized poison sold on grocery store shelves, I can relate to Joel Salatin’s lament that “everything he wants to do is illegal”.

Someone has to believe that honesty and truth will prevail, and so a growing number of us, throughout the world, are fighting for our RIGHT to eat whole, natural, unadulterated food.

There are those who may shake their head, wondering what’s wrong with people relying on government nutritional research, or not understanding why some of us have a “beef” with the FDA, but as Salatin puts it, “On every side, our paternalistic culture is tightening the noose around those of us who just want to opt out of the system — and it is the freedom to opt out that differentiates tyrannical and free societies. How a culture deals with its misfits reveals its strength. The stronger a culture, the less it fears the radical fringe. The more paranoid and precarious a culture, the less tolerance it offers.”

We cannot continue to ignore the loss of freedom in America that touches every single aspect of our life including what we eat and drink. We need to wake up before every single shred of freedom has disappeared.

Unpasteurised Milk - A SUPERFOOD!

Unpasteurised milk is the latest superfood – nutritious, delicious and packed with friendly bacteria. But is it safe? By Anastasia Stephens
Published: 06 November 2007
The Independent

Prince Charles has been a fan for years. Now the health-conscious tribes of LA and New York are claiming that it can help everything from childhood allergies and eczema to digestive disorders. Raw, unpasteurised milk, straight from the cow, is making a comeback – and it’s starting to catch on over here.

Real Milk is Real Food

"Fast Food Nation" - NOT

The photo of the food is our food – food bought from from local farmers throughout the growing season. I dehydrate or use other methods to store large quantities so that we have a supply throughout the winter, hopefully, until next growing season. This photo doesn’t exactly fit in with the following article, but it isn’t as far off as what might I would have expected in regards to eating patterns of American families.

For the majority of hard-working families, some of the veggies might already come chopped and bagged, bearing a food processor label, but yet the following study from UCLA gives me hope that American families can make the transition from bagged, grocery-store products to buying fresh, locally-raised items.

UCLA reports families ate take-out food far less than what was anticipated. “People actually spend quite a fair amount of time cooking, but they’re incorporating a lot of so-called convenience foods. Some people are just grabbing food kits off store shelves and adding water.” They observed 64 weeknight dinners, of which 70 percent were “completely home-cooked, meaning prepared at home although not necessarily from scratch.”

This contradicts alarmist productions like “Fast Food Nation” and “Super Size Me” which painted a pretty hopeless and helpless picture of American families.

Methane Emissions Exceed CO2

Time to feel the tension reducing in your shoulders and neck. All that burden we’ve been carrying around thinking that we humans and our modern conveniences are to blame for global warming – oh, the guilt and shame.

Thanks to Scandinavian researchers, we’ve been given a reprieve. Moose are to blame.

This 'n That

It’s been an action-packed summer but it’s time to start easing back into a routine. I’ve missed “blogging” and may yet find time for a little “What We Did On Our Summer Vacation” creative writing, but not until the summer harvest is dehydrated or properly pickled (fermented) following time-honored traditions. I’ve been trying to devote some time, each day, to favorite research topics – food, food politics, recipes, and autism – which all fit neatly together. I use my blog as an archive for intriguing information and articles. Here are a few worth digging into when the weather turns cooler, possibly giving me more time….

Surprise! More tainted Food!

Farm Raised Fish Contaminated

This isn’t the kind of thing anyone wants to be able to say “I told you so”. Suffice it to say, I’m thrilled that I’ve fed my family ONLY wild-caught seafood. Of course, there’s not enough to go around, with wild supplies lasting possibly 90-days every year, but I’ll take that over being poisoned by the Chinese. And people thought the terrorists were in the Middle East…... -Sharon

The FDA Pet & Human Food Fiasco!

The FDA’s time has come. And gone. It’s time for another Tea Party, beginning with dumping the FDA overboard. Here’s yet another example of their ineptitude, this time involving the illness and death of thousands of pets through melamine-tainted wheat and corn-gluten added to pet food. Until yesterday, the FDA was denying the contaminated pet food fiasco was wide-spread, an FDA administration official saying it affected “dozens of pet deaths in North America”.

Let me just take a brief walk into Math Land. Some people count by 1’s, using their fingers, or strangely, tapping their heads ala Winnie The Pooh style. It’s ugly stuff, really, after the age of 3 or 4, thus, skip-counting should be taught. Some people skip count by 5’s, using one hand, 10’s using 2 hands, and a bit trickier is skip-counting by 20’s using hands AND feet. But “dozens”….hmmmmm…...the FDA skip-counts by dozens. I imagine that makes sense because they’re in an industry involving manufacturing and case lots, but still, does that really have meaning for the general public?

Confusing Labels

I miss the simple days when chicken tasted like chicken, and kids who seemed just a little bit off were, well, just a little bit off. In this increasingly complex world, factory-farmed chicken slowly poisons your system with accumulated arsenic, courtesy of the FDA who ruled feed must contain arsenic. And the kid who is “off” now comes with ten DXs, eight RXs, their very own team of OTs, and psycho-therapists as well as a detailed IEP courtesy of IDEA. And if you haven’t a clue as to what most of that meant, you’re “lucky”. Those of us who frequent “special needs” lists, have developed short-hand tags, our own special “secret language” to reduce keystrokes.