Butter Making 101, 102, 103, 104.......

When the Almighty was yet with me,
And my children were around me;
When my steps were bathed in butter,
And the rock poured out for me streams of oil!
- Job 29:5-6

I was 5 years old when I first tasted freshly-made butter. My kindergarten teacher ceremoniously emptied contents of a Piggy Wiggly paper shopping bag (plastic hadn’t become popular yet) – freshly baked bread, a quart-jar loaded with fresh cream, and a beautiful silver butter knife from her grandmother’s special tea service – announcing, “a very special treat made by your very own hands.”

Oh, the beauty of harnessing natural energy and enthusiasm of 30 5-year-olds, shaking ordinary cream into a lifetime of fond memories! When all that remained was the sloshing of the thin buttermilk and the butter clump thumping against the side of the jar, our teacher proclaimed, “Done! Gather ‘round and share our creation!” The amazing flavor and texture was like nothing I’d ever tasted, or would for many years to come.

Boycott Whole Foods

I’m so over Whole Foods. I was over Whole Food many years ago when they offered more GMO (genetically modified organism) than they did organic foods in their produce department. And when I found out their supposedly “free range chickens” were “vegetarian”, (Please, chickens forced to lead a vegetarian life? Give me a break.) that moved them lower on my list. And when they refused to carry a single piece of grass-fed beef (Ruminant. Look it up. Doesn’t mean “eats grains”) that pretty much did them in as far as I was concerned.

As much as Whole Foods has profited from their support to “Eat Local”, it appears they aren’t even doing a good job in that department.

The Virtues of Raw Milk

Raw milk contains important heat-sensitive enzymes:

  • LACTASE to absorb and digest the milk sugar lactose
  • LIPASE to absorb and digest milk fats
  • PHOSPHATASE to absorb calcium, which allows for digestion of lactose.

Other Benefits of Raw Milk

  • Raw milk has beneficial bacteria, including lactic acids, which live in the intestines, aid digestion, boost immunity, and may eliminate dangerous bacteria.
  • Raw milk makes superior cheese, with more healthy bacteria and complex flavor.
  • Raw cream contains a cortisone-like agent, which combats arthritis.
  • Raw butter contains the anti-arthritic agent myristoleic acid.

Worldwide Hunger Speculation Driven

Multinationals make billions in profit out of growing global food crisis

Speculators blamed for driving up price of basic foods as 100 million face severe hunger

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor
Sunday, 4 May 2008

Giant agribusinesses are enjoying soaring earnings and profits out of the world food crisis which is driving millions of people towards starvation, The Independent on Sunday can reveal. And speculation is helping to drive the prices of basic foodstuffs out of the reach of the hungry.

The prices of wheat, corn and rice have soared over the past year driving the world’s poor – who already spend about 80 per cent of their income on food – into hunger and destitution.

The World Bank says that 100 million more people are facing severe hunger. Yet some of the world’s richest food companies are making record profits. Monsanto last month reported that its net income for the three months up to the end of February this year had more than doubled over the same period in 2007, from $543m (£275m) to $1.12bn. Its profits increased from $1.44bn to $2.22bn.

7,000 Online Cookbooks

Love antique cookbooks? (And you will after you read a few!) Now the best of the best are online! All 7,000!

The Michigan State University Library and the MSU Museum have partnered to create an online collection of 7,000 antique cookbooks, of some of the most influential and important American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century.

Digital images of the pages of each cookbook are available as well as full-text transcriptions and the ability to search within the books, across the collection, in order to find specific information

The Good Life

The following story is so delightful that I won’t waste much time jabbering about how much I’d love to relocate to the village in the article. An entire village, mind you, just shy of a few residents who don’t “get it”, combining their efforts in order to raise their own healthy food. Enough is enough, of plastic, genetically modified, chemical-laden industrialized food. Knowing the French and British have no love lost between them, I’m sure they’d let me move over there and join right in if I were to mutter, “Darn the French for having invented the industrialized canning process! Let’s show them what real food is about! Hand me a hoe!”

Blood Pressure & Diet

Instead of turning to prescription drugs to control blood pressure, nutrition be considered as a possible cause and cure. Diets high in Omega 6 fats – vegetables oil like corn, soy and canola – don’t do the body or blood pressure any favors, weakening the elasticity of the veins. Diets which provide fats in a proper 2:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3, as well a supply of amino acids through nutrient-dense food are being discovered as key to maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Child Malnutriton & Violence

When I think of malnourished children, images of African children lying prone in the dirt, flies buzzing their distended stomachs and weak, emaciated limbs, comes to mind.

I would never have considered the poorest of America’s poor to have been in the same category of those wretched images. It would seem, I am wrong.

Malnourished children live next door to each and every one of us in a nation considered by most to be the wealthiest in the world. Walk down any grocery aisle in America, it would appear we have thumbed our nose at God, attempting to re-create the Garden of Eden that Adam lost.

Who needs to worry about His curse, that we would spend our lives pulling weeds from our fields, when all we have to do is rip open a box of breakfast cereal, or fumble with the closure of highly processed, fortified factory-food bread deceitfully sold as “nutritious”?

Unlike the starving children half a world away, our starving children aren’t as obvious. Most, in fact, look normal and healthy. It is their behavior that is a clue as to the depth of their physical and mental depravity.

No Nanotechnology Silver Lining

Profitability seems to win out over safety. Even when preliminary research showed nanoparticles caused brain damage to fish, or had a potential to cause environmental damage, nanoparticles were integrated in a wide variety of products, outdistancing the governments ability to respond with EPA regulations or product labeling requirements.

Two years ago, silver nanoparticles were placed in and on a wide range of products, with many people have unknowingly used – lotions and sunscreens, for example. Two years ago, it was frustrating to watch what looked to be mad scientists repeating the insanity of Big Pharma and the food industry which has found it is better to forge ahead and be sued later.

Superbugs: Antibiotic Resistance

In the past 50 years, antibiotics have been critical in the fight against many diseases and infections. Their discovery was one of the leading causes for the dramatic rise of average life expectancy in the 20th century and their significance to public health would be impossible to overstate. Antibiotics are defined as any compound which either kills or severely impedes the growth of bacteria. Upon the introduction of penicillin into general clinical practice in 1944, formerly deadly illnesses such as Strep throat and tuberculosis became instantly curable. Today, our dependence on antibiotics is absolute. In 1998, in the United States, it was estimated that there were 80 million prescriptions of antibiotics for human use, the equivalent of about 12,500 tons in one year. When animal and agricultural uses of antibiotics are added to human use, it is estimated that in the past 50 years, more than 1 million tons have been produced and disseminated.