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…to appreciate homeschooling, I’m archiving the following article as a reminder. Of late, I’ve noticed an increase in what I consider to be VIOLENCE against children in our society by those who should, instead be protecting them. Another aspect of these increasing incidents – where children are treated as adults, instead of minors in need of admonition and instruction – is this may well be the result of the trend in America to give a minor child “rights”,
equal with that of an adult. The American Library Association, for example, has written their own “Bill of Rights” encouraging libraries to treat a minor child’s “right” to privacy on par with that of an adult, something I’ve experienced and written about in a recent blog. When we grant minor children “rights”, the Constitutionally guaranteed rights of the parents is undermined, usurping parental authority. When the “state” or government interferes with the natural God-created roles of authority and accountability within the family structure, we no longer have a republic, but instead, a fascist society.

The Sky Is Falling - Part 1

One day Chicken Little was walking in the woods when — KERPLUNK – an acorn fell on her head.

“Oh my goodness!” said Chicken Little. “The sky is falling! I must go and tell the king.”

Everyone knows this classic tale, but a quick retelling, to refresh memories, wouldn’t hurt. A terrified, over-reactive Chicken Little (she trembled so terribly half her feathers fell out) runs across the countryside in search of the king’s assistance, collecting Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey and Turkey Lurkey. It turns out, they’re all easily ignited by a sense of imminent danger with Henny Penny exclaiming, “We’re running for our lives!”

Lesson Number One: Fear is contagious, with panic not far behind. (Lest that sounded like last night’s Chinese fortune cookie, take a look at Numbers 13, a great Bible lesson on catastrophizing)

Homeschooling - Last American Freedom?

Not content with brain-washing the majority of America’s children with dumbed-down socialist values where self-esteem reigns supreme and individual thinking skills are frowned upon, the NEA is now gunning for homeschoolers, the last bastion of America freedom still protected by American federal law.

Their anti-homeschooling agenda can be found in the 2007 Recap, in section B-75, NEA’s 2007 Pittsburgh Convention Recap

Lego LaLa Land

Volume 21 No. 2, Winter 2006 issue of “Rethinking Schools Online”, contains an article, Why We Banned Legos describing how a secular after-school program for 5-9 year-olds concluded Legos must be banned from their facility.It seems the children created a sprawling town for which they felt a sense of ownership. Let’s pause. Which word in the above paragraph causes you a degree of concern? Is it the word “banned”? No, no, no, that SHOULD cause you concern. Is it the word, “sprawling”? Well, yes, if you’re an enviro-Nazi, it might just put your panties in a pinch. Try again. Does the word “conclusion” cause your stomach to knot tightly or palms to sweat? ONLY if you’re of the relativistic Oprah-ized brainwashed crowd who operate on feelings and not absolutes or logic-based discussions.

Live Free or Die?

Like so many other things of the world’s “wisdom”, state mottos have little real-life value or meaning. Watch out, New Hampshire children. Evidently, the United Nations Rights of the Child is in place! It used to be that parents were RESPONSIBLE for the debts of their minor children but now it appears that librarians can simply breeze right by, going direct to the child. Say good-bye to America the Republic and practice the “goose step” librarian-style.

The Telegraph Newspaper
Nashua, New Hampshire
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

7-year-old Girl Receives Overdue Book Warning

Raymond (AP) – A 7-year-old girl received a letter from the local library threatening her with fines for overdue books, and mentioning the possibility of police involvement if they’re not paid. The letter from the Dudley-Tucker Library said that if the books aren’t returned and the nearly $60 in fines not paid, the library will ask police to assist them in applying for a complaint against the girl, Bernie Courtemanche said of his daughter, Cassandra. “We send out three notices – written notices – and make at least one phone call,” library director Sherry Brox said.

A Christian Manifesto

This address was delivered by the late Dr. Schaeffer in 1982 at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is based on one of his books, which bears the same title.

Teenscreen Should Make Parents Scream

TeenScreen, a program advertised as a “free” psychiatric “service” to prevent suicide, has caused an uprising all across the U.S. Citing the dangers of psychiatric drugs and important issues of parental rights, individuals and determined groups have spoken out against TeenScreen as a harmful factor in the attempts to care for the problems of children and teens….

The Importance of History

My daughter knows the perfect gift to buy me for me – history books. Some of her selections have included Churchill, Mary, Queen of Scotts, John Adams, and this year’s brilliant Mayflower.

She was 6 years of age, the first time she selected a book on her own. This isn’t one of those type of deals where the father buys the book for the child to wrap and present. This is the type of deal where the child asks the father to let her roam the books, picking out her own unassisted selection. Unassisted is a key word. He learned a couple years ago, if he tried to guide her he, and bookstore patrons two aisle over would hear, “I can do this, Daddy! Really! I know what she wants!”

After I’ve stripped off wrapping paper, I’m always reduced to staring at her beautiful face, incapable of more than, “Wow…, honey…”. This year’s birthday she giggled at me, “Mom, you say that every every time I give you a book. You really love history books!”. She is of the opinion that it is the subject and content of her selections, so thrilling to me, that renders me speechless.

What I can’t adequately express to her is that as much as I DO love reading history, the fact that particular books were hand-picked by her, makes them that much more special. When I try to explain, her 10-year-old eye-rolling response is, “Oh, Mom, you’re so funny”.

After everyone’s settled for the night and I’ve pole-vaulted over the stack of books piled next to my bed, settlng into my pillows, her selections are the first I desire even if I’m in the midst of a half dozen others. I’ve not yet developed a favorite time culture or period of time. There are thousands of years separating one book from the other, but they’re all equally as wonderful, all one with in my focus – a window giving me a view of my Lord. Having a solid belief that the Lord of Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Isaiah, Mark, Peter, Luke and John, Irish scribes, and John Adams is Sovereign – that nothing moves, has life or meaning apart from Him – I read history to obtain a deeper, more intimate knowledge of who He is. That isn’t to say all history books I read are written from a Christian perspective – some are revisionist and humanist – but having read enough from both perspectives, I’m better able to discern what I believe to be closer to reality, than if I were to limit myself to one view.

Here’ s a thought-provoking article, “The Importance of History” by David Crabtree…

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Happy Birthday Ben…Happy Birthday to you…

1491 New Revelations of the Americas