Better Than TV

Everyone’s happy again now that I let them buy me a new range…

Study: Preschool Harms Children's Development

Compulsory pre-school education is the latest bad idea being promoted by the American government. I wonder how long before someone will get the bright idea of simply removing the child from the parents within hours of birth, enrolling them in a government school to ensure they are raised completely inline with godless, humanist values.

It is to the shame of “Christian” husbands and “Christian” churches, who have promoted wives-as-income-earners, that they have contributed, if not lead the decline of family values, contributing to a society spinning out of control.

Hurricanes, Tornados & Floods. Oh, My!

Something Happy

Got a phone call from the husband today. “Honey”, he says, “do you realize the top 3 posts on your blog are Mad Cow Disease, Lead in Children’s Lunchboxes, and Flouride dangers?

Losing Mom

I shouldn’t be sitting here 1,300 miles away. But if I visited my mother-in-law, there’s not a single thing I can do. That is the hardest part…

Famiglia Ericson Wine

Fermenting our own wine…....

Visiting Uncle Ericsson

On our way back home last week, we took a swing through Washington, D.C. to visit Uncle Ericsson. At least we think he’s an “Uncle”. The Minnesota Uncle Woodrow, has spent his 80-plus years of life avidly pursuing family geneaology, and is quite convincing, persuading my husband’s family that Uncle Ericsson holds a legimate branch on the family tree.

Kefir Whey Sourdough Starter

I began using creating my own sourdough starters about a year ago, beginning with the following instructions and recipe from Abby’s kefir whey sourdough starter recipe. Since then, I’ve tried several others, but Abby’s is so simple, good tasting, and successful, I keep going back to it as my primary starter….

Spring Has Officially Sprung

No matter what the calendar might say, I’ve learned that spring in New Hampshire only begins with the mating cry of the amphibians.

Monkeying Around

Some times the lessons we think we need to teach to our children, back-fire on us…..