An Interview with Martin Luther

When we first began homeschooling, we decided a classical education would be the best approach. I became disheartened, early on, at the over-emphasis placed on the “classics”. I discovered Harvey Bluedorn and his website, Trivium Pursuit which encouraged me to dig deeper into what constituted a “classical education”. The following is an article written by Bluedorn, “interviewing” Martin Luther and his position on how classical education should be reformed. In Luther’s words: ”“Now, my advice would be that the books of Aristotle, the Physics, the Metaphysics, Of the Soul, Ethics, which have hitherto been considered the best, be altogether abolished, with all others that profess to treat of nature, though nothing can be learned from them, either of natural or of spiritual things. …Much time has been wasted and many noble souls vexed with much useless labor, study, and expense. … as if we had not the Holy Scriptures to teach us fully of all things of which Aristotle had not the slightest perception. Yet this dead heathen has conquered, and has hindered and almost suppressed the books of the living God….” -Sharon

Strategy for Invasion and Conquest: Biblical Principles for Christian Political Action in the New Millenium

“When was the last time you heard of a national group of Reformed, Evangelical, or Fundamentalist preachers publicly and in detail confess their sins as ministers and acknowledge that their unfaithfulness in life and in the pulpit has been a major contribution to the bringing down of God’s judgment on our nation? This is where we must begin in our Christian political action.” A good read about Christian Reconstructionism because it places the responsibility for our modern culture directly on the shoulders of the “church”.

Good Friday

Today was a beautiful Good Friday – sunny and warm – unlike the dreary, rainy Good Fridays of my childhood which gave my mother cause to lament, “It’s always raining on Good Friday. Heaven is crying over the horrible, gruesome event of Christ’s death”. It was the only time I ever heard her refer to Christ. It wasn’t until I came to know Him as my personal Savior that I realized as horrific was his death, there was more to the story than how God, who humbled Himself to be born of a virgin, becoming a man, died an undeserved, horrific death – a victim, at the hands of his creatures. Or was He. Last year, I posted an article by John MacArthur, The Murder of Jesus, and it’s as good a read this Good Friday as it was last year’s Good Friday. – Sharon

Father of Homeschooling - Dr. Raymond Moore

A Tribute to a True Pioneer: Dr. Raymond Moore
by Gena Suarez
“Dr. Raymond Moore legitimized homeschooling as a viable educational option by publishing research and data that gave credibility to a fledgling movement. The entire homeschooling movement is deeply indebted to him for opening people’s minds to the benefits of returning education to a natural, home based, tutorial method between parent and child. We have immense gratitude for these two pioneers and the legacy they have bestowed on the homeschool movement, and think every homeschooler should begin homeschooling by reading their books.”—Jessica Hulcy, Co-Author, and Wade Hulcy, President, KONOS, Inc.

Seeing God....

Daniel is learning everything he possibly can about space – satellites, exploration, stars, planets, and constellations. We’ve scoured the public library for space science books which must contain Orion, or according to Daniel, they aren’t “worth my time reading”.

He glued foam stars to 8 1/2×11 sheets of computer paper, re-creating his favorite constellations to cover his bedroom walls. He intently studies them every day, repeating their names quietly to himself. At night, he waits for the “earth to revolve so that it will be night”, begging us to go out with him to see the stars.

Our Reformed Educational Heritage

“Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return to God who gave it….And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh” – Eccl 12

The truths of the Lord cannot be comprehended in books, or learned by study. If I have learned anything through home schooling, it is not to let the burden of too many books, too many projects take the place of what should be the primary focus – that of learning to answer Christ’s question, “Who do you say that I am?”. This isn’t to say that facts and dates aren’t important to know. But a mind filled, with what will be in the end, only those things of the world, will be a life void of true wisdom and knowledge. “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God.” (1Cor 3:19). Martin Luther “created” the concept of schools, with a reformed Christian view, keeping the focus on a humble life lived for and to the Lord, as detailed by Gregory Hogan in the article, “Our Reformed Educational Heritage”. – Sharon

Finding Real Love

I’ve polled my spam filter today and, not surprisingly, the majority of promotions whisked out of my In Box are from dating services asking me if I’m “ready to find Real Love” this Valentine’s Day.

The promoter of such hype and fluff is a couple months too late, or a couple months too early, depending on how you look at it….

Raising Cain

The Trouble With Boys

A good solid article on what’s happening to our sons, except where an evolutionary brain-cloud erodes their thinking and they compare humans to primates. They more than get back on track with plenty of grist for the Christian-thinking mill (doubtful, their intended audience), especially when they address the need for boys to have a man to look up to. That, of course, opens up another can of worms because today’s fathers, no thanks to feminism and a weak Christian church (pick a denomination, any denomination), aren’t quite clear on what constitutes a “man”, much less a father. Adamic man has spent far too much time getting in touch with his “feminine” side. Abrahamic man has spent far too much time woosifying Christ into a girly god. Who pays the price? The children.

Origins of Valentine’s Day

I like digging into the origins of beliefs and cultural practices. For the most part, this is an interesting article detailing “why” and “where” Valentine’s Day originated. As a Christian, I must protest, however, that the well-intentioned writer, a Christian, is expecting the deaf ear of public schools to hear their plea. “Teachers are all too often silent about the origin of the customs they are forced to teach…”, they proclaim. Geez, we’ve had trouble with teachers not knowing whether it was the Dromedary or Bactrian camel that had one hump or two, and you’re expecting them to know the origin of customs? Let’s bringn this down to a practical sense – the Church (pick a denomination, any denomination) in America is AT FAULT for not knowing the customs and origins. The gist of this writer’s intent is to provide practical CHRISTIAN thinking to the subject, but doesn’t realize how this is throwing pearls before swine. What would they, the public school system care? Valentine’s is the public school’s holiday for reinforcing healthy relationships amongst the children, a tool simply to promote a sense of well-being and friendship among a normally competitive, id-centered little sinners. It has little to do with inappropriately teaching customs in an attempt to replace Christianity. The Church (pick a denomination, any denomination) has already gone and done that, thank you very much.