Going in Circles

It has only been in the past six months that Daniel, 4 years 8 months, has used coloring crayons for coloring and drawing. As far as he was concerned, snapping them half, eating them, stripping off the paper wrapper, and using them as missiles to emphasize his rage were their primary uses….

Perseveration - Exercise Example

Perseveration – here’s an exercise you can perform that will give you a “live” demonstration….....

Maybe it's Just Me......

Perseveration & Self-Mutilation

Sixty-five miles an hour is not a good time for Sarah to deliver a top-of-her-lungs scream from the back seat, “Mommy, he’s got blood all over his face”....

Five Senses - Friend or Foe

In order to explain Daniel, I must share a bit about his older sister, Sarah. Sarah is my very own “Crocodile Hunter”. Nothing frightens her. From the moment she crawled, her mission was to find and touch all all the Lord’s creatures….

The Journey - "What's His Problem.....", 2002

I’ve never liked crowds. If I don’t have a elbow room, I feel trapped. Of all the places I’ve lived or traveled, I found San Francisco Bay’s “personal space”, to be the most generous and nonthreatening…..

The Journey - Fireworks 2003

I’ve always loved fireworks. Move to New England – dream come true. Fireworks like you can’t imagine – sumptuous, glorious….

No Crutches - Little Mercy

Here’s the crux of the “problem”. My son looks perfectly “normal”. In fact, he looks better than “normal”. He’s gorgeous. He’s Grandma-bait. Women swarm him. There’s absolutely no external clue that he is Autistic with a heavy dose of Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID).....

Maybe It's Just Me......