Hallucinations & Delusions - Searching for Causes

I was slicing an apple, a mid-day snack for the kids, when Daniel suddenly shrieked, flew out of his chair, catapulting himself against my legs nearly knocking me over. “Make him go away, Mommy”, he wailed.

Stealth Adapted Viruses Linked To Autism And Other Diseases

Much of the attention these days seems to be on thimerasol vaccinations (mercury) as the cause of Autism. I find other views interesting to consider. Here’s one on a possible “steal virus” theory written by W. John Martin, M.D.

A Dragon By The Tail

On the eve of an historic, billion-dollar world vaccination campaign, a leaked transcript ignites questions of vaccine safety and research corruption.

Meanwhile, US senators fast-track a bill to protect vaccine manufacturers from litigation. With millions of lives at stake, and billions of dollars to loose, will a merger of philanthropy, big business and compromised science win an epic race between corporate agendas and medical ethics? In this world exclusive report, byronchild exposes how the most powerful medical research bodies in the United States compromise their vaccine safety research for vested interests, as they assist in a global vaccine policy, while a bill looms in the background to protect it all. – By Lisa Reagan

Poisoning Our Children

The issue of Autism Spectrum Disorders simply won’t go away for the drug companies and the United States Government. And with 1 out of every 150 children now being diagnosed somewhere on the “spectrum” why should it disappear? I admit to being one of those parents who thought the vaccine issue was overblown. Now, after reading and being involved in internet groups with other parents, the evidence is just TOO STRONG to ignore.

Autism First-Hand - Interview with Temple Grandin

Expert Interview
Autism First-Hand: An Expert Interview With Temple Grandin, PhD

Editor’s Note:
As a child, Temple Grandin, PhD, like many children with autism, couldn’t speak and raged for no identifiable reason. Yet she grew up to earn a PhD in animal science from the University of Illinois; pioneer humane ways of treating cattle using knowledge gleaned from her disorder; and write on the sensory and cognitive experience of being autistic. Medscape’s Randall White, MD, interviewed Dr. Grandin, Associate Professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, on her insights into autism spectrum disorder.

Hallucinations & Delusions - Why I Believe Daniel

From seven years of age, through my mid-teens, I battled strep throat two to four times a winter. As dreadful as the headache, sore throat and high fever were, the Procaine Penicillin G, intramuscular injection was worse. And as painful as that was, the hallucinations that followed, during the night of the penicillin injection, were the most dreadful of all, transforming my bedroom into a little den of horrors….

New Skills

Some times the most practical application of language is the most important. Daniel battling the flu – probably M-rated, for Mommies only….....


At 19 months of age, Daniel became Hat Hunter…..

Blazing A Trail

While perseveration has greatly diminished, the barrage of questions increases daily, individually abating when he reaches whatever satisfactory conclusion he feels he needs…..

Autism - Glossary of Terms