Preventing A Rescue From Being A Tragedy

Bravo to a Massachusetts program which is training emergency workers to recognize, and properly respond, to Autistic children. Today’s “Autistic” isn’t easily recognizable as there are few distinguishing features tagging them as being different in their understanding of communication or ability to relate. Where Down’s Syndrome is easy to recognize, Autism spectrum individuals aren’t obvious, their “normal” features blinding people to their true condition. We’ve experienced our son being perceived as others as simply a “cute kid who is out of control”, or “a kid full of energy who sure needs to learn to behave” (both of which are true), but as a result, far less grace and mercy are extended to him, instead, expectations are he’s “normal” and must simply be a result of bad parenting.

The effort is being led by the Department of Mental Retardation who is working with the Autism Alliance of MetroWest, the Norfolk district attorney’s office, and the Central Massachusetts Autism Resource Center.

With 1 out of every 166 children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum, this program needs immediate implementation across the entire country.

Endless Meetings....

Just returned from yet another meeting with a psychiatrist, this one internationally renowned and revered by those “in the Autism know”. Yet another advantage, maybe, possibly, living an hour’s drive from Boston which seems to have more than its fair share of professionals and researchers. Yet we’ve, as yet, not met one who can tell us specifically, definitively, what we are dealing with in our son. We know we ask much, when answers are so few.

He’ll be 6 in May – almost middle-aged by some standards – several years too late for what they all seem to hold onto as the Great Hope – Early Intervention. He’s several years habituated in his stimming and sometimes endless babbling patterns. “He’s darling”, we were told, yet again today. Yes, there is that. There are those moments of darling. It’s the rest that leaves me restless, disquieted.

Thought Disorders - HFS or AS

Sharon’s Note: As we struggle to determine “what” Daniel “is”, I continue to study various theories. And right now, for this day and age, that is about all I’m going to find – theories. Foundational to whatever theories I encounter, a Biblical view would have me consider that Daniel is first and foremost, made in the image of God, but also a “sinner” after Adam’s “kind”. That, at least, helps to address how I, as a parent, am to respond to his behaviors that are less than pleasing to the Lord or us. The largest issue I face right now is that we’ve made the difficult decision to give him psychotropic medication. The line is blurred between Asperger’s, Psychosis and High-Functioning Autism, as to how to view various “thought disorders”, including hallucinations. Of course, the Big Question, which may not be answerable is: Are the hallucinations real. The attached is a PubMed abstract describing a study to more clearly define areas of impaired thinking (poor reality testing, perceptual distortions, etc.) to which Daniel is prone.

Boy dies during autism treatment

A 5-year-old autistic boy died Tuesday in a Butler County doctor’s
office while undergoing an increasingly popular though controversial medical treatment touted by some as a cure for the lifelong neurological and developmental disorder.

Fatty acids 'may have autism link'

Childhood autism may be linked to a deficiency of fatty acids, researchers said….

Britian's "Zero tolerance gone potty" towards Autism

Asbos – Anti-Social Behaviour Orders – is one of the latest ridiculous policies of Britian’s government, this one targeting Autistic chlidren. Not only is their policy insane, but their description of Autism as being a “serious psychological condition” leaves a great deal to be desired, showing a lack of any wisdom from an educated perspective. Biblically, of course, what we’re seeing is the “depravity” of their own minds to which the Lord has given them free reign. What’s next? Perhaps exorcism? Lock the Autistics in the tower? Beheadings? Brits! Go back to worrying about Camilla & Prince what’s-his-face and leave the Autistic children alone!

Possible Answer to Hallucinations & Head-Banging

Daniel’s head-banging doesn’t occur nightly as it did a year ago. Of all the odd behaviors associated with his particular brand of Autism, it is the head-banging I have hated. Reassurances from the doctor that, “it’s just normal – he won’t kill himself”, don’t calm my fears. Of late, Daniel and I are able to talk about his need to head-bang. He calls it “flying”. When he’s in the act, it appears as if he really is flying, his back flexing alternating between perfect concave on the upswing of his arms and head, convex on the downswing, his back arching upwards, his chin tucking downward as if preparing for a high-board dive. His legs appear fluid, invertebrate in movement as if no skeletal structure were in place. Head-banging, stimming, in my view, has a phytochemical basis, and isn’t the self-comforting behavior attributed to it by many. When there is a divergent path, I tend to select the one leading away from psychology and more towards a physical, testable, chemical direction. I’ve run across a website from a woman who offers great insights on the physical possibilities, the cause and effect of chemicals, whether in food or personal hygiene products, and their ability to affect behavior.

Amines are a huge area of nutrition that I’ve only begun to investigate. Biogenic amines are in most food stuffs and, in the wrong body, have a negative impact.

Our night-time bed routine includes prayers, me tucking his bed full of teddy bears, snuggly pressing them against his little body, his face smiling at me, glowing with love (his eyes never leave my face as I work to make sure every bear is in place), and then we have The Talk. “Daniel”, I say, “you’re all set for a very good night of sleep. You are tucked in with your bears. We have talked to God. Now, I want you to promise me, no flying”. It usually takes me requesting “no flying” 3 or 4 times before he’ll finally sigh and say, “okay, Mommy”. Last night, he got a twinkle in his eye and said, “how about if I drive”. He’s a smart little guy! I told him he wasn’t old enough for a license to drive. Wonder what he’ll come up with tonight, this new tact of his to rename “flying”.

Click on “read more” to read Dana’s view of Phenol – a promptor for head-banging behavior.

Antioxidant Levels May be Linked to Autism

Here’s an interesting article that I read at which confirms some of my latest ideas about Autism. I’ve refused to go gluten/casein (wheat/dairy) free with our son’s diet. Instead, I’ve been spending hours researching natural nutrition and the importance of enzymes, which has caused me to make major changes in how I prepare food, and what type of food we eat. We have been processed-food free for quite some time, but I discovered we needed to make additional changes in our dairy (only raw milk and raw cheeses) and in how I prepared our grains (everything is either sprouted and dehyrated or soaked, which neutralizes the phytic acid which acts as a nutritional inhibitor). We also eat only grass-fed meats, and consume only high-saturated fats like coconut oil, flax seed oil, cod liver oil and red palm oil – all of which must be organic and unprocessed. The result of doing all this is that we’re all benefiting from an increase in natural enzymes from our foods, as well as natural detoxification which “dead” processed, already prepared, over-heated and chemical food can never offer. In my research, I’ve also found that research shows that Glutathione, the focus of the attached antioxidant article, is severely lacking in people suffering from a number of auto-immune diseases including all forms of arthritis, MS, Parkinson’s, ALS, and Autism spectrum disorders. IMO, this is a critical antioxidant to try to boost naturally through selenium, milk thistle, asparagus, broccoli, avocado, raw eggs, garlic, unprocessed meats (raw), and undenatured whey protein. By the way, this is yet another reason to REJECT all pasteurized dairy products, opting instead to only eat raw dairy, as the heating process of pasteurization kills, in addition to good bacteria and healthy enzymes, the beneficial amino acids like cystine which optimizes glutathione levels.

The Age of Autism - Amish - Part 2

Part 2 of an article which explores the Amish, an insular culture which has religious exemptions from having to immunize their children, and the incidence of Autism.

The Age of Autism: The Amish Anomaly - Part 1

“The mainstream scientific consensus says autism is a complex genetic disorder, one that has been around for millennia at roughly the same prevalence. That prevalence is now considered to be 1 in every 166 children born in the United States. Applying that model to Lancaster County, there ought to be 130 Amish
men, women and children here with Autism Spectrum Disorder….”