Egg of Power

Small Egg Power God help us, for we are now going to find out what it is like to be ruled by the ungodly. Barack Hussein Obama may well have persevered, winning the race in his bid for the office of President of the United States, but it appears, he will lose the most important race (1 Cor 9:24) – the race towards eternity. And just as churches and Christian families suffer for lack of Godly leadership, so, too, will those of this nation suffer, for our lack of leadership and discernment. God will not be mocked.

Surviving Meteorologists

Overstuffed Snowsuit Small When Minnesota winter temperatures dropped, sometimes as low as -50F, with -75F windchill, I habitually asked my parents to remind me, “why we left Florida”, moving back to Minnesota. For many years, they patiently answered, “So we could live by your grandparents – be around family”.

Their reply always seemed a bit wistful, not said straight-on, looking me in the eyes, but instead, glancing out the window to the frozen landscape. It didn’t help that a huge conch shell, they’d found on an “exquisite and beautiful Florida beach”, held a place of honor in the livingroom curio cabinet. Pressed against my ear, it filled my head with more than ocean sounds, instead, creating discontentment. (Phil 4:11).

Chocolate Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding Small

“Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder”, one of many traditional Swedish sayings, muttered under my grandmother’s breath, was practical in its wisdom. My interpretation of, “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing”, was, “Stop complaining, and put on a warmer sweater if you’re cold.” Wise!

“Låt maten tysta munnen”, another of her favorites, interpreted by my heart as, “A big, bad snowstorm is coming, so Grandma’s making a hot rice pudding for her beloved, precious grandchildren”, was, in reality: “Let the food quiet the mouth.” Children trapped inside a house, during a storm, can be high energy!

Cauliflower Gratin

Cauliflower What does a cauliflower, some grated Gruyere cheese and a dash of Cognac have in common? Read more to find out…….

Turkey Gravy, But No Drippings?

Juicy Tender Turkey

We shouldn’t have been surprised, but we were, that the turkeys came out every bit as flavorful and juicy as when they’d spent 24-hours in a brine. I know it helped that our turkeys were organic, pastured (think grass, sun, bugs, running through the cow fields), giving them a huge advantage over factory-farm corn & soy fed creatures. The other credit is absolutely owed to the Traeger grill’s convection oven style of cooking which does a better job than other type of grills, sealing in the juices.

Now, to the problem. Whether deep-frying or grilling, we never had “yum yums” – Emeril’s term for caramelized bits of fat and meat, loaded with rich flavor – left over on the bottom of a oven-roasting pan because, well, we no longer had a roasting pan. No roasting pan meant, no gravy.

The Great (and not so great) Crust Experiments

Squash Soup & Horseradish Cream

A pâte à choux by any other name...

Perfect Popovers

popovers_250 There are an amazing number of theories on how to create the best popover. Over the last few decades, I’ve tried quite a few: using ceramic dishes, glass Pyrex bowls, popover tins, adding baking soda or baking powder for extra “lift”, separating eggs, whisking egg whites to a soft peak and folding into the batter, using bread flour instead of all-purpose, and placing the filled popover pan or ramekins into a cold oven, and then, the other extreme, placing them into a 450f preheated oven.

Endive, Avocado & Red Grapefruit Salad