The Real Story

A photo documenting a poodle hugging a little boy is quite spectacular. It could so easily have vanished the moment I lifted the camera to my face…

Do You Know The Muffin Man

Muffin Man “Muffin…a term connected with moufflet, an old French word applied to bread, meaning soft….The word muffin first appeared in print in the early 18th century, and recipes began to be published in the middle of the 18th century. There has always been some confusion between muffins, crumpets, (aka, pikelets), both in recipes and in name. Muffin’ usually meant a breadlike product (sometimes simply made from whatever bread dough was available), as opposed to the more pancake-like crumpets…Muffins were most popular during the 19th century, when muffin men traversed the town streets at teatime, ringing their bells. In the 1840s the muffin-man’s bell was prohibited by Act of Parliament because many people objected to it, but the prohibition was ineffective…” Oxford Companion to Food, Alan Davidson [Oxford University Press:Oxford] 1999(p. 517)

Muffin Turf Wars

Blueberry Muffin I love using natural light when photographing food. Catching the last few rays of weak sunlight streaming through my dining room window, I was busily arranging freshly-made Blueberry Quark Muffins on a plate, when I had the overwhelming sensation I was being watched. Feeling like a songbird with a hawk flying overhead, I slowly looked up to find two pairs of eyes locked on the freshly baked muffins I was arranging.

My son’s excuse, for having his nose hanging dead-center over a tray of cooling muffins was he “couldn’t help himself, drawn by the lovely, intoxicating scent”. That’s a good illustration of why some children with Asperger’s are affectionately called a “Little Professor” He’s doesn’t know the meaning of “intoxicating”, instead, parroting it from a perfume commercial, thinking it has something to do with a pleasing aroma.

In 30 days....

Daffodil Snow …the 12-inches of snow that dropped on New Hampshire yesterday, will have melted. The spring peepers will be peeping, sunning themselves on the thin crust of ice covering the vernal pond. When the daffodils and tulips, followed by swollen dogwood and black raspberry buds appear, it will be easier to imagine what now seems impossible – the feeling of warm sunshine on bare arms while picking berries, or the laughter of my children riding ocean waves. While nature isn’t always stable and constant, with occasional storms, earthquakes and hurricanes reminding us of its power, it is far more dependable and stable than human sin-nature, drawn to chaos. (Job 5:7)

Ricotta Gnocchi

I’m happily stuck in a ricotta gnocchi rut, only occasionally contemplating that I should attempt to make traditional potato gnocchi. I love potato gnocchi, having enjoyed it at many restaurants, our favorite at a tucked-away, family restaurant in Provo, Utah, its Naples-born patriarch recreating his Naples-grandmother’s creation, every Thursday night. But when it comes to putting the peeler to the potato, I picture my family sitting around the dinner table – scrunched up noses and narrowed eyes, asking, “Are these YOUR gnocchi?” Traditions come in many forms, shapes and sizes, and without a doubt, ours is gnocchi made from ricotta cheese.

End of a Nation

Adrian Roger Quote

Don't Tread on Me

Don’t Tread on Me – this should become the battle cry in each of the states of America. This idea that people are to cling to the teat of the government, not only for their milk, but for their meat, housing and jobs, is an idea that will destroy the very foundation of this country if Patriots don’t speak up, and speak up soon.

This 'n That...

Sting of a Serpent...

Goat Frankenstein Small

“You seek for knowledge and wisdom, as I once did; and I ardently hope that the gratification of your wishes may not be a serpent to sting you, as mine has been.” – Frankenstein

There are some things so disgusting and vile, they need little in the way of introduction or explanation as to their state of depravity. Oh, skip all that. All I want to really ask is, “ARE YOU INSANE?”

Man playing God – not god, but GOD – creator of the universe is nothing new.

Ninety female offspring from genetically modified male goats are now being raised on a farm outside Moscow in the hope they will produce milk with the same – or higher – amounts of lactoferrin than found naturally in human breast milk.

The new programme will be aimed at producing milk with the human protein, as well as making medicines from it,” said Dr Pyotr Vitsyaz, of the Belarussian National Academy of Sciences.

Pork Sausage & Cherry Oven Pancake

Cherry Sausage Slice One of my favorite breakfast restaurants was Dutch-themed, specializing in oven pancakes called “pannekoekens”. Their egg-rich batter, nearly identical to that of popovers, gougeres, or Yorkshire pudding, was poured into pre-heated cast iron pans, baked at higher than normal temperatures. Together, moist batter and heat, created internal steam providing the lift and loft – same idea as popovers – the batter rising in a golden cloud above the pan.