Soy Sauce - Use Caution!

I know, I know. Is nothing safe. Yes, it is, but you’ve got to be extremely cautious, taking a “food science” analytical approach to today’s foods.

This is fairly “old news”, having happened in 2001, but it shows what can happen when short cuts are taken in the food processing industry, which skips traditional time-proven methods of production – like fermenting!

I would never use unfermented soy sauce or oyster sauce. Read those labels!

Both 3-MCDP and 1,3-DCP belong to a group of chemicals known as chloropropanols. Their presence in soy sauce is avoidable. They are usually produced by the addition of Acid Hydrolysed Vegetable protein to accelerate production. Other sources are acid hydrolysis of some or all of the soya bean/wheat and the toasting of the wheat component. Entire Article

The “scare” was worldwide – read what New Zealand and Great Britian are saying

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