Tofu, Soy Milk, Unfermented Soy - THROW IT OUT!

As much as I thought I should be a vegetarian, and I should eat soy, and wanted to like its flavor, I never could get “into it”. I always had a strong intuitive sense it was not meant for me, but it has only been of late I’ve had time to sit down and research whether I’m just being unusually lazy, in not wanting to change my traditional diet, or whether my intuition is right.

After what I’ve read, I’ll never touch UNFERMENTED (important distinction here) soy again. Not tofu, not soy milk, no unfermented soy sauce, nor any number of other processed foods that use soy, in one form or another, in the food processing industry.

Soy: Too Good to be True

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Phytic Acid – the key to unhealthy unfermented soy

Soy Toxins – article from New Zealand, a good sample of what people are saying world-wide about soy

Why you should avoid soy

Half the commercial pet foods contain soy.

Historical Soy Use

  Textile help