Johnny Carson 1925-2005

I appreciated all the hours of entertainment he provided while I babysat neighborhood children. I was safe in his company, unlike today’s late-night television. My favorite times were watching him enjoy his own humor, willing himself to continue, but giving in to laughter over some unshared over-the-top connection he’d made in his own mind.

It wasn’t until later in life, I saw him not just as an easy-going, Midwestern-humble droll jokster, but as one of the top political satirists of our day, providing timely insights into the follies of mankind, no matter his or their political party affiliation. I really appreciate the fact he left me without a clue as to his personal political affiliation, a level of wisdom and class lacking in today’s full-of-themselves “entertainers”.

I bid you a heartfelt good night, Johnny.

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