Eating Watermelon

This site is about the Ericson family, our 6th years of musings, recipes, and photos. Sharon is both the photographer, designer & artist, and writer; Mark is the techy behind the scenes; and our children, Sarah and Daniel, still love eating watermelon. When we changed the site late in ’08, we heard from folks who missed seeing the “watermelon photo” that was posted on the “home” page from day one, so we moved it here.

We’ve learned a lot over the last 6 years about Autism – diets, medications, and dealing with public schools. We moved forward with a whole-food, nutrient-dense diet and decided we don’t need the other two.

It’s been a long time since we shopped at a grocery store, in order to feed our family, and instead, we rely on a CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture), and local farms from which we buy 99% of our food. Through reforming our diet, our political views have reformed, no longer aligning ourselves with one political party, instead, more interested in supporting and promoting issues impacting access to organic, sustainable, healthy food, clean environment and small family-farm agriculture.

Foundational to our views of family, food, and politics is our faith in Jesus Christ, after the Reformed Tradition, as described at A Puritan’s Mind

Reformation Theology should be primarily considered around a biblical zeal to reform the church. To be Reformed is to continually look to aligning one’s self or the church at large to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Reforming does not mean, however, that we discard the fundamental doctrines of the “Reformed Faith” in order to continue “reforming” our theology. It refers to defining theology more clearly in the process of understanding the will of God.