Living History Museums

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There’s nothing like experiencing “living history museums”. We’re blessed to be relatively close to some of the best in the country including Mystic Seaport, Strawberry Banke, Plimouth Village, Sturbridge Village, and Colonial Williamsburg. As wonderful as the historically-accurate architecture and agriculture are, the true gems of these places are the people – the “characters” of the time period taking on historical personnas. Most of the people we’ve met are history buffs, enthusiastically sharing a wealth of knowledge, easily catching us up on a journey into a world of very different marketing, commerce and every day life.

There are, at times, those “characters” so fully immersed in their roles, that no amount of our best effort deters them from being who they are portraying at the moment – someone, or more likely, a composite of people 150 or more years removed from the moment. I would not be surprised to hear that employees of Plimouth Village, for instance, trained as understudies for the Queen’s Guard at Buckingham Palace, so adept are they at not allowing the veneer of realism to be cracked.

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