Muffin Turf Wars

Blueberry Muffin Trip 650

I love using natural light when photographing food. Catching the last few rays of weak sunlight streaming through my dining room window, I was busily arranging freshly-made Blueberry Quark Muffins on a plate, when I had the overwhelming sensation I was being watched. Feeling like a songbird with a hawk flying overhead, I slowly looked up to find two pairs of eyes locked on the freshly baked muffins I was arranging.

My son’s excuse, for having his nose hanging dead-center over a tray of cooling muffins was he “couldn’t help himself, drawn by the lovely, intoxicating scent”. That’s a good illustration of why some children with Asperger Syndrome are affectionately called a “Little Professor” – very bright, extensive vocabulary, sounding wise beyond their years or maturity. In this case, his intent in using “intoxicating” was in trying to convey, “having a pleasing aroma”. When I asked where he’d heard that particular word, he merrily replied, “A perfume commercial!”

The poodle, on the other hand, who followed the muffins from oven to table, was feeling a little territorial. With one leap onto the dining room table (a first for him, and not something we see everyday), he was laying claim to his begging zone, his eyes glued to the muffins, his nose inching his body closer. Makes me wish I’d worked with him, competing in dog agility, or maybe just taken one more obedience class. Notice the turn of his head, once he realized he’d been “caught”. He wasn’t about to be photographed engaging in less-then-charming behavior, so instead, he struck a pose, staring out the window as if there’s something more interesting than me commanding him, “Down! Now! I mean it!”

Happily, both “boys” minded their paws and mouths, showing the greatest of restraint, thrilled when I rewarded one of them with a muffin, and the other, a fresh raw bone.

Based on their enthusiasm, I’d call this recipe a success.

Blueberry Quark Muffins

Asperger – The Geek Syndrome

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