Perseveration - Exercise Example

Do you see the pattern?

old auc donald, bold bic bonald, cold cac conald, dol dic donald, old eck onald, fold fic fonald, gold gic gonald, hold hick honald, old eck onald, jold jick jonald, kold kick konald, lold lick lonald, mold mick monald, old auk onald, pold pok ponald, cold cac conald, rold roc Ronald, sold soc sonald, told toc tonald, old auc onald, vold voc vonald, wold woc wonald, zold zok zonald

To “hear” what it sounds like, repeat in 30-seconds or less. When finished, begin again, continuing non-stop for 20-30 minutes.

To appreciate the full effect, clutch stockings in your hands, preferably with legos or Hot Wheel cars slipped into the toes to give them more spinning weight, then twirl in rhythm to your chanting. Spin yourself in circles.

Without benefit of warning or introduction, perform your ritual in front of family and friends. Watch the effect it has on them.

First, they’ll be puzzled.

Then, irritated – watch out, they may try to distract you.

Impatience will grow, especially if they are trying to read a cookbook or carry on a phone conversation. Whatever you do, don’t respond to them. Don’t look at them – ever.

If they try to touch you, pull violently away.

Watch their eyes – you’ll see fear.

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