Finally! A Candidate Worth a Vote!

I haven’t been this excited about a political candidate in I don’t know how long. Sarah Palin’s speech to the Republic Convention was well done, well delivered and well deserving of my support and vote. Up until Palin’s speech, I can say that I was not at all excited about the options open to me in the upcoming election. Now, if she can continue to present the same message, with the same classy, competency displayed last night, she will be a good reason to head to the polls come November.

“Jay Severin”, a local talk-radio host said it best in this morning’s blog

But even more enjoyable than Palin’s mastery of stage last night was the hilarious glumness and nastiness of the reactions by virtually all the “journalists” on TV: Keith Olberwellian, Chrissy Matthews, Gene Obama Robertson, Rachel Mad-Ow, et. al. all looked and sounded like children who had just lost their best friend.

And maybe they have: little Barack.



Translation: she was EFFECTIVE.

Sarah Palin obviously has Democrats scared to death – the most compelling evidence she was a good choice.

Especially interesting to me was a post by a Canadian this morning on a special-needs homeschool group, on which I participate, warning Americans that we “really didn’t know Palin”. A link to a letter from someone who has known Palin since 1992 was meant make us, mothers of special need children, livid because Palin was “prostituting her special needs child on that stage”. Better Palin should have hidden the child backstage? I can well imagine the backlash of that! More to the point, reading through the testimony of someone who supposedly knows Palin, their reasons for not liking her, only further cemented my respect. If Palin can clean house in Washington, D.C., the same way she cleaned house in Alaska, sweeping out the pandering, corrupted scum of old-boy politics, more power to her.

Not only was Palin brilliant last night, her husband was the first male I’ve seen hold his own baby on any political stage. There wasn’t an ounce of insincerity or acting in his obvious affection for his child.

Up until Palin, I admit to not being that thrilled with the idea of a woman in either of the highest offices in the United States. Then again, we’ve never had a choice like Palin, a woman who is not only proud of her country, but asks God to bless it, and not damn it like Obama, his pastor and wife.

Go Team Palin!

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