Blog Malcontent......

I have now made a few weak blog attempts.

There won’t be any throwing-back-a-six-pack theme to my blogs as seem to dominate the 20-year-old-male-techie blog theme. Then again, I’m not male and am a few decades removed from them. I’m not technically involved enough to talk techie, so that may further reduce content.

I’m not particularly “artsy” – no amusing quips, no stunning liberal apologetics driving me with a deep supposed moral passion to trash non-liberals, especially in what appears to be the newest sport – Bush-bashing-blogs.

And really, if I’m going to be totally honest, it isn’t for lack of material that I procrastinate. It is the “flow” of blogs which serves as a strange hindrance, over which my husband and I butt heads.

He has no problem with the concept that blogs flow from most recent, posted at the top of the page, chronologically flowing “down” the page in what is, in my mind, a backwards-style log of events.

For the type of things I write, the date has no significance other than serving as a referral, time-stamping “new” content.

The forced time structure “reads” very Chinese to me – as if I’m reading right to left, instead of left to right. No satisfying conclusion…........

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