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An alternate title for this section might be, “Forgive us, Lord, we know not what we do……”………

Toxic Food Borne Illness

These include the usual culprits – mushrooms picked with little studying or knowledge, touching poison plants like poison ivy or poison oak; or eating poisoned or spoiled shellfish. Those don’t bother me, as much as the “heavy metal such as antimony, zinc, lead and copper can find their way into the food chain from the way in which we store food items. Foods, especially high acid foods e.g. fruit juices, can react with metal containers such as cans, after they are opened. The metal from the containers then enters the food and can be consumed.” Or worse…

Lead and Arsenic – Sometimes lead and arsenic is used to spray vegetables. This may cause these foods to become poisonous. Be sure all fresh fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed before you cook them, or before they are eaten raw. Lead poisoning may also result from the ingestion of food or water that has been in contact with lead pipes, lead-plated equipment, and lead-soldered pots and pans. A programme of replacing lead pipes in old housing has been undertaken for many years, however if you live in an old house you should always run the water in the tap before you use it, first thing of a morning. Lead is a cumulative poison, meaning the accumulation of small doses in the body will eventually cause chronic lead poisoning.

Cadmium poisoning may take place if chilled acid foods or drinks are allowed to stand in cadmium-plated metal containers before they are served. Foods such as Lemonades, tomatoes, and tea containing lemon juice can be contaminated by cadmium. Ice trays and metal pitchers plated with cadmium can cause poisoning when filled with cold acid foods.

Cyanide poisoning may result if silverware has not been thoroughly rinsed after detarnishing.

Zinc poisoning in food is rare. It may occur when acid foods are cooked in galvanised iron kettles. Outbreaks have occurred when apples have been cooked in this type of kettle.

You must always transfer food into ceramic, glass or food grade plastic containers for storage, and never store food in cans. Symptoms of metal poisoning can be bloody diarrhoea, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. There is often a metallic taste in the victims mouth.

Iodine Deficiency For ADD and ADHD

Maybe it is time people stopped to think what has changed in our environment or nutrition that ADD and ADHD have reached epidemic levels, with children paying the price by being drugged, placed in chemical straightjackets which do nothing to ‘cure’. Iodine deficiencies are a real possibility, beginning with testing birth mothers and their children. But hurry – because studies show that supplementing iodine after age 3 might be worthless.”

Iodine Deficiency Leads to Poor Mental Development in Babies

Pregnant women are putting the mental development of their children at risk by failing to take sufficient amounts of iodine, according to a recent study by British scientists.

(Another) New Reason for Bee Hive Collapse

ScienceDaily (May 6, 2008) — The quality of pollen a plant produces is closely tied to its sexual habits, ecologists have discovered. As well as helping explain the evolution of such intimate relationships between plants and pollinators, the study — one of the first of its kind and published online in the British Ecological Society’s journal Functional Ecology — also helps explain the recent dramatic decline in certain bumblebee species found in the shrinking areas of species-rich chalk grasslands and hay meadows across Northern Europe.

Bisphenol A in your body – How it got there
and Plastic Chemical Found in Foods

This is why I dehydrate as many vegetables as I can during the growing season, and don’t buy canned goods. Bisphenol A is a hormon disruptor – a chemical that we all should avoid.

Historical use of lead arsenate (LA) insecticides, resulting soil contamination and implications for soil remediation

?Ever wonder why lead is a pervasive toxin which we can’t seem to conquer? Children making mud pies after a fresh rain turns their yard, once an agricultural field, into a malleable source of clay, are struck down with lead poisoning. Why? Because we were fools and we knew not what we were doing………..

Papayas – A Powerhouse of Digestive Enzyme Nutrition

For a little change of toxic pace, eat papayas! No, wait. Most of them are toxic because, no thanks to Monsanto, the majority ar now GMO, functioning differently at a cellular level than the Originals Created by God. But, IF you do happen to have access to a local source (must be tree-ripened in order to provide the full benefit of vitamins), then you’ve got it made!

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