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Once Upon A Time in a business environment far, far away, customers were considered to be an essential, vital, necessary, mandatory components which could make or break a company’s reputation. Way back when, companies were actually concerned, as difficult as it to imagine, about Word-of-Mouth – what was said about them between neighbors talking over backyard fences or hedges, or positive and negative experiences shared by families or friends at social gatherings – all considered to be extremely important. Yesterday’s, “The Customer Is Always Right” has devolved into, “The Customer Is Always Wrong”.

When I was experiencing my nightmare with Sears and their Never-Intended-To-Give-Customers-Their-Rebate Non-Program, I wish I had had the creativity of Vinny Ferrarri who had his fill of AOL’s Customer Non-Service nearly three years ago. Ferrarri recorded his conversation with AOL’s call center rep who, I have to say, does a tremendous job demonstrating all there is to dislike about today’s call-center reps in America. At least they have the honesty to not call themselves “Customer Service” reps. If there was one thing the call center rep said that epitomizes what’s wrong with today’s “call centers”, it is when he told Ferrarri, “You are going to listen to me”. He does speak English, but I digress…

Here’s a video version:

And the original audio from which the video was created:

Ferrarri is credited with changing AOL customer-service. Ferrari has been interviewed on numerous television program about his AOL experience and is “test case” for business consultants who are attempting to teach modern-day corporations the benefit of providing high-quality customer service. Power to the people should be changed to “Power to the Bloggeres”!

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