Boycott Whole Foods

I’m so over Whole Foods. I was over Whole Food many years ago when they offered more GMO (genetically modified organism) than they did organic foods in their produce department. And when I found out their supposedly “free range chickens” were “vegetarian”, (Please, chickens forced to lead a vegetarian life? Give me a break.) that moved them lower on my list. And when they refused to carry a single piece of grass-fed beef (Ruminant. Look it up. Doesn’t mean “eats grains”) that pretty much did them in as far as I was concerned.

As much as Whole Foods has profited from their support to “Eat Local”, it appears they aren’t even doing a good job in that department.

A TV News investigative team, WJLA, has uncovered the fact that Whole Foods line of organic foods is all from…….America? Nope. Not even the frozen “California Blend” vegetables are from America! Not even South America which is at least STILL in the same hemisphere! It’s from China!

And China has been such a good friend to us as far as pet foods, toothpastes, baby toys, and other foods, haven’t they. And we know (NOT!) that we can trust the Chinese inspectors as much as we can trust our own FDA. For this latest travesty, check out the WIJA transcript as well as the video of their news report.

Here’s a handy guide to Whole Foods products Country of Origin.

The solution is to avoid Whole Foods and take a drive out-of-town to “Buy Local”. On the right-hand side of this page is a category labeled “Real Food Locator” which lists a number of search engines that can direct you to fresh, organic, locally produced food within miles of your home grown by farmers who can show and tell you how they grow their food.

  1. Thanks for the info! I was feeling torn for not making the trek to Whole Foods (gas prices are way too high). I think they are one of the only raw dairy suppliers in my area, but after reading this, I will look harder to find somewhere else to shop. I am amazed at the deception out there in the food industry, but I shouldn’t be surprised because I know the god of this world is also the father of lies! May God bless your family and thanks for your blog.

    Darnell    Jun 17, 03:17 AM    #
  2. I can never shop there again. After reading their CEO’s rant on the WSJ about health care reform, with nary a word about eliminating pre-existing conditions, but instead favoring no government mandates on what must be covered, he leaves people like my autistic daughter unable to buy health insurance, and puts even Sara Palin’s little Trig in harms way with his thinking, because people with developmental disabilities can’t get any kind of coverage, even coverage that might exclude their disability’s symptoms. John Mackey, serving up “organic healthy food” to people who have no idea what their CEO actually supports, thinking they are doing something good with their support of the business, are being duped. I feel duped. Not another dollar for Whole Foods.

    — KellysDad    Aug 12, 01:06 AM    #
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