Get out of Government Schools

Find a way’ to get out of public schools, says Baucham
Rusty Pugh – OneNewsNow 1/29/2008 1:00:00 PM

School busVoddie Baucham advocates Christians pulling their children out of government-run schools. He has a response for those who say they can’t afford private education or home-schooling — find a way.

Dr. Voddie Baucham says Christians cannot expect to win the culture war unless they are willing to pull their children out of the public schools — or as he calls them, “the pagan schools” — which allow teaching that is not biblical. According to Baucham, many Christians say they would love to get out of public schools, but cannot afford the alternative. His answer is simple — find a way.

“Do whatever you have to do. Do you know there’s a national network of home-schooling single mothers? They find a way. It’s amazing what people do to find a way,” he says. “We find a way to do everything else in this world — and nothing matters more than what we’re doing to pass on the faith from generation to generation.”

Baucham is also calling on churches to step up and help. “[Churches need] to find a way to assist and equip Christians, to disciple them in this area of education,” Baucham continues, “so that the church can then assist parents who need help finding a way to get their children out of these pagan schools.”

The Christian education advocate has released a new DVD series called, “Whoever Controls the School Controls the World.”

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