Cehated by Sears

My post I Hate Sears
continues to be ranked #1 on Google – not an easy feat. I’d love for my high-ranking to have been attributed to my photography, or witty writings about my family, but hey, doing a bit of public service isn’t a bad thing.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve heard from a number of Sears customers burned by the Sears appliance rebate program. The majority are private, “off-record” letters, but some skew up the courage to post a public response to my blog.

Occasionally, I hear from employees, saddened by the knowledge that their employer, an icon of the American retail industry, is involved in such low dealings. Then, of course, there are a handful of other employees who have written – privately and publicly – who suffer anger management issues, not with Sears, but with me.

Somehow, in their worldview, I am to blame, should keep my mouth shut, am a trouble-maker, don’t know what I’m talking about….well, you get the idea. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, bad woman that I am. Except, they don’t use that type of language. No, their language makes me long for interactive F-key technology. Next to print, save, etc., I’d love to have an F13 key: InsertSoapBarInSender’sMouth.

I received another type of employee comment today which seems sincere, heart-felt and honest. I have no way of knowing, with any amount of certainty that this person is authentic, but their viewpoint matches up with what I’ve heard from others who have experienced the Sears rebate nightmare.

i am an empleoyee of the rebate center of sears, we are in ARGENTINA, do not buy products because of the rebate, they are going to try to cehat you, people in the store do not advise the customers about the terms and conditions for the rebate, and if there is a disccount, why dont you get that at the store itself??? because they are going to try to decline the rebate, so there is no disccount at all, i suppouse that i am going to lose my job after this, but sears is cheating people, like allthe rebates

I don’t speak Spanish, but the warning, “they are going to try to cehat you” leaped out at me. “Cehat” (pronounced kay-hot in my mind) had the sound of an Argentinian colloquialism. I took a wild guess, it didn’t mean Sears was intending to do good things. Doing a quick search, however, the only “cehat” that turned up had something to do with a South American travel advisory board.

Then it hit me….“cehat” was a typo. They meant CHEAT.

Obviously, I’ve been a little too on-guard when it comes to receiving certain potty-mouth comments, and I think I need to lighten up…..

Mostly, I want to say THANK YOU to the brave soul who sent in the comment.


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  1. cool to be number 1!
    Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of healthy food, mine won’t be…hehe

    Just Jen    Dec 22, 11:50 AM    #
  2. for sure they wanna cheat you, i also work for sears and on the most tiemes that u o someone calls in regards to their rebates i don´t understand how can happen that u or someone else, send the information, rebate form and sales recipt back over 4 months ago let´s say that it was send on november of last year, and when u or someone else calls to the rebate center and u ask the status of your rebate, they ask u first of all ur addy, phone # or name, eventhoug if u spelled most of the agents dont know spelling, and then after 3 mins on hold suposingly that the agent is “searching ur rebate”, they come back, i guess (sometimes they disconect the call) and tell u, “i do apologize for all the inconvenience, but all the information u send us is not in the system, why dont u fax us the info? (that is the most big lie, the faxes never arrives!!!!!!!! we tell u indeed that in 5 business days it will be appearing in our system, but never appears!!!!! its a policy that we have to follow…it´s a complete bulshit!…please tell all people in USA, DO NOT BUY ON SEARS BECAUSE OF THE REBATES, i will give you an example, for week there are (is an example i repeat), 400 sears customers that go into the store and buy some appliances due to the rebates, estadistics says that from that 400 peoples only 50 gets the rebates, but from that 50 , 49 recives a non-compliaence card an NCC, from that 49 only 1 is correctly sended, then that 48 people recive the rebates after beeing 4 to 6 month calling us or resubmitting, refaxing, re everithing…this blog open my mind, i started working at young america not more than 3 months, i was happy with my job, but now i really see things different, i really apreciate how you tell everybody your story, but indeed you are not alone.

    a couple of days ago, no indeed was yesterday, a sears cust calls in regards an STOP PAYMENT on a check for 65$ dlv, and on the system was more than 7 calls in the past 3 months, and on the sys the check was cleared, i dont know why they do this to you people, sears is a big store, bue it doesn´t know how to treat customers, indeed the NCR for sears is horrible, and a lot of managment in the rebate center y completely disorganised, i will say it at least…


    Thank you

    Ps: we are not in minessota, we are in argentina buenos aires…

    — Argentinian operator    Apr 12, 11:24 AM    #
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