I Hate Sears x3

Rev 22:15 Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolaters and everyone who loves and practices falsehood.

Today’s laugh: “Sears is dedicated to providing our customers with a superior level of service.

An even bigger laugh, is My SHC Community a new venture by Sears Holding Company which has the appearance of a being a “community” to which comments are welcome and will be taken seriously by Sears executives in order for them to gain a better understanding of what their customers want and need. HOW ABOUT HONORING APPLIANCE REBATES, BOYS AND GIRLS?

“Sharon”, you say, “why don’t you join and tell them what you think?” Maybe. After all, their incentives for joining include a $10 gift certificate after 30 active days of participation……

Wait just a minute here. Haven’t we learned our lesson? We’re expecting Sears to honor a promise? Besides, when you dig deeper into “My SHC Community”, what do you find? This statement:

To become a member of My SHC Community, we simply ask you to complete the registration process which includes providing us with your contact information as well as answering a series of profile questions that will help us get to know you better. You’ll also be asked to take a few minutes to download software that is powered by (VoiceFive). This research software will confidentially track your online browsing. This will help us better understand you and your needs, enabling us to create more relevant future offerings for you, other community members, and eventually all shoppers…..

So what they REALLY want you to do is THINK you’re joining a community which cares about your opinion and your experience, but what they’re REALLY doing is TRACKING YOU.

Track this, Sears. You know where to find me. My statistics software shows you’ve taken a keen interest in my bog, so you know exactly what you can do to make me and hundreds of other people happy. Get some ethics.

Thanks to Sears behaving in an unethical manner, ripping people off by not honoring appliance rebates, my blog has a high ranking in Google. Try entering “i hate sears” in Google and see who is #1. You could also try “hate sears”. And for kicks, try “sears rebate”. Oh, phooey, I’m no longer #1, but am #4 following SEARS CORPORATE. Well, you get the idea. My entries complaining about Sears are popular. Sadly.

I truly wish I could help every single person who is sad, angry, frustrated and downright shocked at being so openly, and what appears to be INTENTIONALLY robbed by Sears.

For right now, my blog entries and the information they provide is the best I can do, other than an occasional, “Keep fighting the good fight” encouragement to those who are discouraged.

Here’s a quick list of ideas that might help.

#1 If you haven’t yet bought your appliances from Sears, don’t. Their promises don’t include any mention of making sure you get your rebate. And their sales prices just don’t make it worth buying appliances UNLESS they include a rebate.

#2 If you ignored #1, and have joined thousands of other people who sit on hold for hours on end trying to claim their appliance “Rebate”, make sure your phone has speaker capabilities. You’re going to be spending hours on “hold”. This way, when the Sears Rebate Centers tell you, “we don’t seem to have your paperwork, so let me do some checking…can you hold, please?” you can put them on speaker, while you go about your life. ( really don’t have to add that you should NOT buy the phone at Sears or K-Mart, right?)

#3 When you finally reach a real person at the Sears Rebate Center, insist on talking ONLY to a supervisor. At the beginning of the conversation, MAKE SURE you ask for the supervisor’s NAME and EMPLOYEE ID. KEEP A LOG OF ALL PHONE CALLS. This will come in handy when you call them the next time (and there will be a next time, and a next, and a next….) because you’ll be asked, “Are you sure you talked to someone here? We have no records of your phone call”. You can then go through your log and say, “Back on July 15th, at 1:22pm, I spoke with Mary, employee ID #……..”.

#4 In addition to continually calling your specific Sears Rebate Center (there are several), call Sears National Customer Service. Sears provides a list of phone numbers here

#5 Call your local Sears store, and ask to speak to the appliance department manager, using professional, calm, non-combative words how disappointed you are in not receiving your rebate and ask if they can provide you with phone numbers and names of others who might be of assistance. Hopefully, they’ll give you the name of their store’s general manager, if they can’t provide other names or ideas.

#6 When the appliance manager fails to assist you, call the store again, asking to speak to the general manager. Again, be courteous, polite, and professional. Don’t forget to document names, times, and discussion points.

#7 When the Sears store manager is a dead-end, ask for the names and phone numbers of the regional and district managers. You know what to do by now…..polite, logs, etc.

In other words, be a “pest”. And you don’t even necessarily have to call them all in order. You can place phone calls to them on the very same day. Create a fire storm of asking for action.

Those who have followed this advice, DO get THEIR money back. And for those of weak heart or faint of spirit, make no mistake about it – this IS your money that Sears is holding on to.

Sears, by the way, will try to disassociate themselves from their rebate centers attempting to tell you they have no affiliation with their centers, aren’t “responsible” for the procedures at the rebate centers, and will act helpless as to how they can help. Don’t buy it. Bottom line, Sears has set the rebate procedure in motion and is ultimately responsible.

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  1. I am now having the same problem you’ve described getting a rebate on a fridge I purchased from Sears in September. I mailed the rebate form and receipt given by salesman to the Rebate Center within the proper time period. Kept copies, of course. After 5 weeks, I also received the dreaded letter stating my receipt was either unreadable or unacceptable, therefore I needed to resubmit copies within a certain time period. I did comply and mailed darker copies to rebate center, along with a letter, on Oct 27. Now am getting the story they have not received what I sent. Looks like I will have to go further to try to get the $65 rebate I am owed. After reading many, many other horror stories besides yours, I am wondering how Sears is getting away with sending rubber checks for rebate refunds? If I sent NSF checks to pay my bills, I would be sent to jail in short order. Also, before we purchased the fridge, I checked Sears rating with the BBB and found zero complaints against them. I don’t understand why so many NSF checks have been sent out, yet Sears (or their rebate center) is not being held liable for issuing rubber checks. That is a criminal act. At the very least, Sears has lost my future business and I will be canceling my credit card with them.

    — Jane    Nov 18, 11:46 PM    #
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