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It’s been an action-packed summer but it’s time to start easing back into a routine. I’ve missed “blogging” and may yet find time for a little “What We Did On Our Summer Vacation” creative writing, but not until the summer harvest is dehydrated or properly pickled (fermented) following time-honored traditions. I’ve been trying to devote some time, each day, to favorite research topics – food, food politics, recipes, and autism – which all fit neatly together. I use my blog as an archive for intriguing information and articles. Here are a few worth digging into when the weather turns cooler, possibly giving me more time…. Oh. And if you’re depressed, you probably want to skip most of the following articles….

Disability News – Important for Homeschoolers: Supreme Court to Hear New Argument The Court will decide whether all children with disabilities, including those who are enrolled in private programs, are entitled to a free appropriate public education (FAPE). The decision will have significant implications for parents, school districts, and children with disabilities who receive special education services.

Chronic Illnesses – Our assumptions about their causes could be wrong:

China Now Sending Poison Pajamas to our Children: I’ve said it before and I”ll say it again, the real terrorists invading our shores are not crawling over open borders in the middle of the night but are legally imported, arriving by container loads via our shipping ports. Story at

The Really Big Lie About Autism, The 2007 CDC Autism Report – The CDC says data-gathering has just gotten better, more sophisticated and that Autism has not increased. Thousands of parents say otherwise including this well done piece by Anne McElroy Dachel at

Brain Mapping – Our Autism Spectrum son had a Beam Study (a kicked up EEG last week). Here’s an in-depth article on how this type of study is so much more valuable than the run-of-the-mill EEG:

Book Review: The End of Food: “Less nutritious and more toxic. A farmer-writer-raconteur documents the destruction of good food….

Gut Microrganisms and Autism: The Latest Research”:

Are HP Laser Emissions Deady?: The discussion continues at

Pesticide Link to Autism?: There just may be a link between in utero exposure to endosulfan and dicofol, organochlorine pesticides banned in many countries (but not in the good old US of A) may put babies at Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Personally, I’ve absolutely no doubt this is part of the ASD puzzle – toxins affecting the DNA, turning certain disease-fighting genes “off”. Along with pesticides, we have to look at xenoestrogens. I’m convinced the answer to “Why” won’t be found in any one toxin but instead, attributable to a deluge which the human body cannot withstand. Autism is but one of many neurological, immune-system disorders destroying the health of our citizens.

Food Prices Going Through Roof: “Get ready for food-price spike” article in the Financial Post” say our neighbors to the north, evaluating a Wall Street Journal article buried on page 16 which is where they claim Page 1 investment news begins:

Scientific Sales, Inc: Occasionally, I do look at “fun” sites. Here’s one offering some amazingly affordable do-it-yourself high-end science equipment including weather stations, rain gauges, and even meterological/weather balloons.

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