Live Free or Die?

Like so many other things of the world’s “wisdom”, state mottos have little real-life value or meaning. Watch out, New Hampshire children. Evidently, the United Nations Rights of the Child is in place! It used to be that parents were RESPONSIBLE for the debts of their minor children but now it appears that librarians can simply breeze right by, going direct to the child. Say good-bye to America the Republic and practice the “goose step” librarian-style.

The Telegraph Newspaper
Nashua, New Hampshire
Wednesday, April 25, 2007

7-year-old Girl Receives Overdue Book Warning

Raymond (AP) – A 7-year-old girl received a letter from the local library threatening her with fines for overdue books, and mentioning the possibility of police involvement if they’re not paid. The letter from the Dudley-Tucker Library said that if the books aren’t returned and the nearly $60 in fines not paid, the library will ask police to assist them in applying for a complaint against the girl, Bernie Courtemanche said of his daughter, Cassandra. “We send out three notices – written notices – and make at least one phone call,” library director Sherry Brox said.

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