Corporate Organic Myth

For those of us who are sick of the games played by factory farms and industrialized food processors, there’s nothing new in a recent Business Week article, Pastoral ideals are getting trampled as organic food goes mass market

People are leaving mainstream grocery stores behind, cleaning out kitchen shelves disposing of packaged, processed foods high in additives, preservatives, pesticides and low on nutrition. The factory food industry doesn’t like it – and they’re planning on trying to get back market share. One way of doing that is by climbing on the “organic” bandwagon.

All things being equal, and they’re not, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that if Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Albertson’s, and all the rest of the corporate gang start offering “organic”, that it will not be the same organic offered just a few years ago.

Organic standards have changed over the last few years, watered down by strong-armed tactics of food corporations, making regulations and standards weaker so they can more easily grab the sacred market share. Additionally, “organic” foods are imported from all corners of the world in order to fill the market demand. But who controls the standards? “Organic” Chinese garlic standards would never be approved in the United States, but we’ll let their product in and gladly allow the label “organic”. It’s business as usual for the profiting corporations.

Our family’s goal is to buy local whenever possible, and that’s becoming easier everyday with the use of the internet. Here are a few great resources to help in the search for local food: – Includes a CSA locator (Consumer Supported Agriculture)

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