New Hampshire Receiving $1.3 Bird Flu Money

State getting more federal flu money
July 12, 2006

CONCORD, N.H.—Washington is sending New Hampshire more money to help prepare to fight the avian flu.

The one-point-three (M) million dollars is the second phase of money from the federal government to help states prepare for a possible outbreak.

Health and Human Services Commissioner John Stephen says the money will help develop state and local emergency plans to deal not only with the flu, but any hazard.

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I’ve just got to ask, WHAT BIRD FLU. Instead of whining and moaning about bureaucratic stupidity – politicians shouldn’t be involved in healthcare, that mainstreams doctors don’t provide healthcare, and that people need to start taking responsibility for themselves, not planning their food consumption around the latest dead-food industry marketing campaigns (Kellogg’s, Kraft, Land O’Lakes, General Mills, Pillsbury and everybody else) – how about if I just list websites where the correct information can be studied. Information IS power – the kind of power that is needed to break the stranglehold that politics, and the food/medical/Big Pharma industries have over our lives. The Federal Government would be far better off putting “bird flu funds” to REAL uses – like supporting the small family farm and bringing back REAL food! The big pharmaceuticals would never go for that, though. And that should be a concern for everyone to consider.

Bird Flu Hype Commentary by Dr. Sherry Tenpenny

Article/interview/book promotion featuring Dr. Sherri Tenpenny who sums up the issue:

“It appears that the lobbying power of pharmaceutical companies and the global poultry and egg-producing companies have influenced the development of the bird flu scare. The world is being convinced that the H5N1 virus will mutate so that it can spread from human-to-human. The corporate benefit to the pharmaceutical companies is selling billions of dollars worth of drugs and vaccines. The huge, multinational poultry producers will survive the costs associated with the mass killing of their factory-farmed, genetically-modified birds while most small poultry producers will be forced out of business and into servitude to multinational agribusiness. Politically, bird-flu hysteria will allow governments to grow as they develop new schemes to regulate entire industries, implement mass vaccination programs and put into operation police states as a consequence of the predicted pandemic.”

It’s obvious to many people who try to follow a whole-food, organic, support-the-small-farmer diet, that one of the benefits for the government, in perpetuating the bird flu myth, is that the public will approve (stupidly) more government control and less personal freedom, beginning with the NAIS program. Walter Jeffries does a good job of detailing why NAIS is a really bad idea and has so many farmers hopping mad –

Report from NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association), an organization supporting the American public’s right to maintain traditional farming, regarding NAIS: – provides more great information how viruses do and don’t spread, casting more doubt on the governments motives for the Bird Flu scare tactics.

Control bird flu? Get rid of the huge factory farms! Great article at

Spreading Fear Like a Virus article the Washington Post, pits Mike Davis, an author credited with helping to feed the Bird Flu myth, against Dr. Marc Siegel who “heaps scorn” not only on the Davis theory, but also the government for “wasting out money”, as well as the media “which gladly race from one disease ‘outbreak’ to another in search of readers and ratings without evaluating the actual risk faced by individuals or society.”

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