I Hate Sears

Yes, strong language. But let’s see if you don’t agree I may have a reason for such passion because from my point of view, Sears is FULL OF HOT AIR.

Make a long story short, as if that is possible for Verbose Me, let’s try a recap: Bought appliances from Sears against every fiber of my being. That was my first mistake. I did not want to do it. Not after our moldy-high-priced-drier fiasco. They lured us in with a 20% rebate program. Besides, my oven had died, and the family was tired of my toaster-oven attempts at providing meals. Chronologically, it would look something like this:

September, 2005: bought appliances

October, 2005: mailed in rebate certificate with copies of receipts, well within their “window” of filing deadline

December, 2005: still not showing up on the Sears Rebate online system where you can track your account; phoned Sears Rebate; they couldn’t find a trace of us in their online system; we were non-existent; faxed Sears Rebate copies of all mailed receipts and program rebate certificate to a supervisor; were told “we’re working on it; you should have a check in 30 days”

January-March, 2006: still not showing up on their online rebate tracking system or in their Rebate Center computer system; needless to say, no check was received; multiple phone calls to Rebate Center representatives, each claiming to have hand-typed all of our information into a file in each case, I had to not only re-fax ALL the documents, but had to read each and every code from the receipts, each call taking 1-1½ hours; all previous attempts by Rebate personnel, to enter us into the system were not recorded. We were STILL non-existent in their system

April, 2006: spoke with 5 different supervisors; re-faxed documents to all; spoke with their Resolution department who admitted our case was highly unusual but yes, you do qualify, a check will be issued immediately, can’t explain why none of the supposed conversations you had with our personnel don’t show up on your record, are you sure you really talked to anyone?

Early-May, 2006: re-fax all documents to their expediting” department because our specific rebate program ends in mid-May; and if no one gets us into their system, we will NEVER receive our rebate

Bad, bad fantasies of driving my 38-foot motor home through any Sears store window cross my mind.

May, 2006: Worn out. Had given up. Then, a miracle. Received check last week in May; you can imagine my shock; check was dated 5/22/06; deposited check in my bank.

Today, July 1st, 2006: Husband hands me a letter saying, “Oh, you’re going to love this”, then backs out of the room. We received a notice from my bank – they charged our account $20 because Sears put a STOP PAYMENT on the deposited rebate check.

This is uncomfortably familiar. Call Sears’ Young America Rebate Center. Punch through their number queue. Sit on hold listening to their tacky, insipid “on hold” music. Twenty minutes of waiting, finally speak to a “customer service representative”. He is clueless. I ask for his Supervisor. Explain situation to her, and she responds with, “I am without words.” That isn’t helping.

She then spends 20-minutes reviewing what there was of our file which was, in her words, “basically barren,” She did see an entry they issued a check, but none of my faxes, none of my original forms were included in the file. There were no records of any purported phone conversations I had with any of their representatives or supervisors.

Bonnie gave it her best shot telling ME that I “must have phoned in to put a STOP PAYMENT” order on the check. This is worth repeating:


I asked her, “Can that even be done?? You mean I can call in and put a STOP PAYMENT on your checks?? This could be fun!”

Showing some intelligence, she ignored me. I asked her if she saw ANY indication on my file that I had made such a request. No, she couldn’t find any record of me calling in to make such a request.

“Why would I do that, Bonnie?” I asked.

“Ummmm well, looking at it more closely, it was stopped because of NSF. You tried to deposit it in an NSF account.”

“Bonnie, I am going to take a moment to ensure I continue to speak politely to you.” I took a swig of coffee. I cleared my throat. I’m back now, Bonnie. Does my tone of voice still sound polite and civil to you?”

“Yes, it does. You sound like a very nice woman. I’m quite sure that at this stage, most people would not be,” she said.

“Thank you, Bonnie. First, let me just say that I, personally, think it would be INSANE for me to phone your company to request you STOP PAYMENT on a $529.99 rebate check that you owe me that you HAVE owed me since last September. That’s when we had a legal agreement, once I purchased those appliances, that in Good Faith, you would do as you said you would do. Second, as far as the NSF, Bonnie, Sears wouldn’t give a rip, so to speak, if I was depositing their check in MY NSF account, which my account isn’t. Third, the NSF applies to Sears. What you are telling me is that Sears wrote a BAD CHECK to me. I find this totally fascinating.

“Well, I don’t know actually why the check was stopped, other than it says ‘NSF‘, but I thought that meant your account.”

“No, Bonnie, on a copy of the FEE STATEMENT from my bank, it says the fee was issued for a STOP PAYMENT, NOT NSF. But we’re just not getting anywhere, are we. Because you’re only guessing, and I’m only getting more angry at you continually trying to put the blame on me, or something I supposedly did.”

“Let me just say this, that at the very least, it was inappropriate, rude, unprofessional, and downright STUPID of your company to issue a STOP PAYMENT WITHOUT FIRST HAVING PHONED ME to tell me YOU wrote a check to ME on YOUR NSF account and to NOT DEPOSIT IT.”

“We can’t make outgoing calls”.

“Oh, well. How perfect. That explains a lot. How about this. Does your department have the ability to send OUTGOING LETTERS through the US Mail??”

“I am without words,” she mumbled.

“I’m not. Let me continue. Effectively, my $529.99 rebate is now only worth $509.99 because someone there, for reasons unknown, issued a STOP PAYMENT on a check that was legally issued to me.”

“For all I know, YOU were trying to submit a claim TWICE on the same rebate check!” There was renewed enthusiasm in her voice.

“So, first you guess that Sears put a STOP PAYMENT on a check because I tried to deposit it in a supposed NSF account, right?”

“Yes,” she agreed.

“And now you’re saying I’m trying to pull a fast one on you. A scam. A rip-off. I’m lower than low trying to steal from you.”

“Yes! Well, no! No! I mean, I’m only guessing,” she said. “Besides, I show on your record that we issued another check to you, and that you should be in receipt of that.”

“And when was that issued,” I asked.

“It doesn’t say. But if you don’t have it, it is In The mail,” she said.

“Deja vu. Well, how long should I wait for this check,” I asked.

“Monday. Wait until Monday and if you don’t have it then, call us back.”

“Are you working Monday, Bonnie?”


“So, okay, I should call back when you’re not working. And I should wait for my check. And, by the way, if or when I do receive this supposed replacement check, how do I know if I can safely cash it without Sears putting a STOP PAYMENT on it, yet again costing me another $20, Bonnie?”

“I would think you could cash it.”

“But, Bonnie, you’re only guessing, right?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“By the way, Bonnie, what are my chances of getting Sears to reimburse me for the $20 STOP PAYMENT fee I received from my bank on this check that no one knows why it was canceled, but may possibly have to do with me trying to steal money from you. And can you put that in writing, by the way, that Sears thinks I’m trying to collect multiple times on one rebate coupon, because I think an attorney would love that.”

“Oh, we never reimburse bank fees. Obviously, someone called to order a STOP PAYMENT, and the only person I can think of would have been you.”

“This isn’t going anywhere, is it, Bonnie. I hope you’ve made notes on the file and that we’ve talked?”

“No, not really, and I really am very sorry, and really don’t know what to think. I just have never, ever, never seen this happen. This is a new one on me.”

“I appreciate that, Bonnie, that you are without any possible way of resolving this issue and are pretty clueless. Does that adequately sum it up?”

“It does.” She actually sounded sad. Suddenly, she was inspired. “Oh, I know!’ she said, sounding excited. “You can phone our National Customer Relations Department! They could try to help you.”

She provided me their number, along with a reference number and her employee ID, which would allow them to look at the basically non-existent empty file for which I had somehow received a $529.99 check which, when deposited, was issued a STOP PAYMENT which cost me $20. You’ll notice I’m still repeating the details, not because I don’t believe other people can’t grasp the situation. It’s me, totally me feeling that everything is surreal.

With renewed hope, I phoned Sears National Customer Relations, obtaining a representative who spoke English as a primary language (always a treat) and listened attentively. He seemed entertained, enjoying my story-telling, laughing, groaning, and sighing at the appropriate places. When it got to the point where I asked him how we should proceed, he informed me that he was unable to help me that there’s a “special” section of their department that resolves rebate snafus, but unfortunately, they only worked during the week and I would have to wait until 8am Monday morning to get in touch with them.

We’ll wait to see if I have my own fireworks early on Monday, July 3rd, when I call again. In the meantime, I’m not buying the idea that I am such a rarity in being lost in their system, receiving less than REALLY LOUSY customer service, and being absolutely frustrated to the point that I could single-handedly remove all my appliances, dropping them off at Sears today. It’s summer. I have a grill. And I know how to wash dishes by hand!

For kicks, type “I hate Sears” into Google. I got 1,830,000 “hits.” Good to know I’m not alone.


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Share your horror story with other irate consumers. The site’s caustic editorials will feed your rebate rage.

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  1. I love the fact that I am not the only one having this same exact problem with the same type of rebate! I purchased 4 appliances from Sears in May and here it is, 11 weeks later with no sign of them receiving my rebate. I resubmitted as they suggested and I even sent it with a delivery confirmation receipt showing it was delivered to their PO Box in MN. They keep giving me the run around stating another 4-6 weeks before it shows in their system. How long do I have to wait??? Not to mention, my rebate is $643. That is a good chunk of change considering it costs money to live! I have told them if I do not receive a resolve by the 6 week timeline (Aug 11), I will be seeking an attorney and getting as many class actioners as I can especially since I have that delivery confirmation receipt. I even have an attorney already on the heel just waiting for me to give the okay. Then we’ll see just how nice Sears plays.
    — REW    Jul 25, 04:24 PM    #
  2. Hi, REW!
    I've been shocked at the number of "hits" I've received on this blog. While I agree it's great to know we're not alone (contrary to what Sears Customer Service tells you!), I'm so sorry you're having to go through this, too. Have you tried calling Sears National Customer Service? They have a special department JUST for rebate problems. They've sent me a 3rd check after stopping payment on the first two. I'm almost afraid to deposit it. Keep me posted on what happens with your case!
    Sharon    Jul 26, 01:05 AM    #
  3. only at sears…

    NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. A Utica woman is charged with grand larceny for allegedly stealing around 70-thousand dollars from her employee.

    Police say 55-year-old Ernestine Puckey was making fraudulent returns on items purchased with cash and then crediting her personal accounts. Puckey allegedly did this over the course of four years while she worked at a Utica-area Sears department store.

    Puckey is being held in Oneida County jail on 10-thousand dollars bail. Along with grand larceny, she’s also charged with 47 counts of falsifying business records and 47 counts of forgery.
    — happy sears hater    Aug 14, 07:40 PM    #
  4. I was so glad to find your web site…I too bought 3 appliances with the promise of 20% rebate. I purchased them on 4/23/06 and 4/27/06. I mailed the rebate form on 5/3/06. By August 27th, I realized that I never received a check. I checked the rebate tracker online and (surprise-surprise) they had no record of receiving my request. Called the number listed and was told to send a new request to the resubmission dept. Did so on August 28th. By October 11, 2006 still no rebate. Called again, and what do you know, they still don’t have it. You’ll love this one, ya gotta sit down for this!! When I asked the customer service representative how she thought two envelopes with my return address never made it to them or back to me…..mind you two letters, on two separate occasions (you won’t believe this), her response was “there’s a documented case in Missouri where a mailman was caught sitting in his mail truck, high on cocaine and opening the mail, you never know.” After I pulled my jaw up from the floor in disbelief at what I had just been told, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. Was kept on hold for what seemed like forever and was told that I should call back in fifteen minutes. I refused to hang up until I received some more answers. The representative was able to verify that yes, I did purchase the items on my Sears card on the stated dates and that I did qualify for the rebate. Then I was told that they don’t actually open the mail and that all mail is “scanned” “We use an x-ray to obtain the information that’s inside the envelopes, modern technology and all”. What a crock! Still never spoke to a supervisor and my information has been forwarded to the Client Research Dept. I suggested that maybe I should fax the information to the Client Research Dept. since my mail in either non -scannable or in the hands of a nosy drug addict. Didn’t get anywhere with that either. Was told that the information was sent to them via the computer while we were on the phone. I should now give it until November 11, 2006 to check the rebate tracker online. Gee, I wonder what will happen.
    Anyway, glad all ended well with you, (minus your $20). I too hate Sears and will never shop there again!! Thanks for having a place for me to vent. Wish me luck!
    — Connie    Oct 12, 02:51 PM    #
  5. Hi, Connie!
    Glad you found my site. Sadly, the “I Hate Sears” rant is the #1 Most Read Article.

    Do you know when your particular rebate offer expires? I was told they don’t HAVE to reimburse you after the program expires.

    I’d try calling their National Customer Relations department. I have no trust in Sears. It wouldn’t surprise me if the 11/11/06 date they gave you for calling back falls outside the valid program period!!

    Best to you, Connie. Keep fighting!

    I’d love to know how it ends up. Praying for success for you!

    Sharon    Oct 12, 04:31 PM    #
  6. I hate sears too. I don’t have the energy or patience to list my disgust with sears. I will say that I will NEVER buy anything from Sears, K-mart or lands end, EVER!!!!!
    I am also going to my courthouse tuesday 12/26/06 to file a lawsuit against Sears. I suggest you do the same!
    — Mike    Dec 24, 12:56 AM    #
  7. Sharon, Thank you so much for
    sharing your story. Trite as
    this will sound, it actually is
    nice to know I’m not alone
    with these Sears rebates.
    I hope it works out for you.
    — tom    Jan 17, 08:45 PM    #
  8. Oh guys
    i m bit luckey , i just wanted to buy my home appliances and , just checking the net for all companies how they treat their customers
    Thanks to ppl here
    I removed “sears” from my list Now
    — Nithi    Mar 1, 04:44 PM    #
  9. Hi There. I’m from Burlington, Canada and am regretting my Sears purchase. I purchased a fridge, washer and dryer (all Kenmore appliances) at Sears through a deffered payment program. They made me sign up with their credit card (Sears Club). I only used it for the original purchase (about $2000.00 CDN). Six months later, I paid the entire amount when it came due. Six months after that, I decided to close the credit card since I never used it. I have all of the statements and receipts to prove this payment. Fast forward over two years and a credit check from my bank revealed Sears posted my account as an R9. They destroyed my credit rating due to an “data entry error”. Now I am in the midst of trying to repair this “error”. They have never apologised to me, and threatend legal action when I told them I would tell everyone about it. I’ve posted a rant on Youtube.com Just go there and type in “retail Warning” in the search field. This is my way of getting back at their rude, pathetic attempts at customer service. Thanks for the chance to vent a bit more.

    Take care,

    — Bob    Mar 6, 04:32 PM    #
  10. I love rebates. I purchase 3 large appliances at my at local Sears store in 2007 and it had a 20 percent cash back rebate. I read the rebate form, which was mailed to young america mn, and follow terms conditions on the rebate form. I call the rebate contact number on the form, to make sure i was sending in the right information. To be safe I made photocopies of all my information, and check the status frequently on the website. I was a little concerned because i checked the website 2 weeks after mailing it. I called customer service said allow more time. I did 3 weeks later it was on the website.
    I receive my check for $500 within 8 weeks and was very happy with my experience. I have done many rebates over the years, i received everyone, you have read the rebate form and if you dont understand get clarification photocopies are very important. For the people like to say to complain to the bbb, the ftc, or your lawyer to sue big companies , your rebate form is a legal document your wasting your time lawyers dont work for free once you sign it it becomes a legal document, its not fraud! When you read it make sure your within the purchase dates and postmark dates and makes copies.

    Good luck with you rebate experience and happy shopping
    — Shawn    Mar 9, 03:08 AM    #
  11. Dear Shawn,
    Logic dictates that not ALL Young America Sears Rebates are going to be “lost” and that there would be any number of Happy People, like you, who can behave in a flippant, arrogant manner bragging about their success, believing the fault lies with those of us who did not have a good experience. If I were a betting woman, which I’m not, I’d say you work in a retail situation where you’ve been trained to respond to people who have had less-than-positive experiences with the dreaded, “Oh, you’re the ONLY one I’ve EVER heard complain about that….”. Young America Sears Rebate Center would only need to “lose” a small percentage of the rebate claims to have it become a very lucrative venture. Check out my “I Hate Sears” update for the gory details and just count your blessings you weren’t part of their scam: http://www.ericsons.net/429/i-still-hate-sears
    Sharon    Mar 10, 04:22 PM    #
  12. I am trying to make some good use of my time while on hold with a Sears supervisor at the rebate center. I think they get paid bonuses by how long they can keep you on the line. I have the same problems as most people above, been waiting since Nov 06, now it is April 07 for resolution. I received the checks last week but ended up with them putting a stop payment on one of the checks. Now I am back on the phone for about the sixth time.

    I hate Sears.
    — david    Apr 10, 08:10 PM    #
  13. Hi, David
    Bonuses….hadn’t considered that one. You’re probably right because the hold times are unbelievably long. Thanks for bringing up this issue. I’ve waited as long as an hour to talk with anyone. I imagine it’s all part of their strategy to discourage people from pursuing money that is rightfully theirs, eh. Hang in there, so to speak. While you’re waiting, check out another blog I did with updated information: http://www.ericsons.net/438/i-still-hate-sears—-business-ethics

    — Sharon    Apr 11, 03:44 PM    #
  14. I hate Sears and will never ever purchase anything from them again. I have a very large family and many business associates that have heard my story. They all promise to never buy from Sears and most have already had similar experiences. I Still have not received my rebate check after six months of similar stories and followed all procedures knowing that I would most likely have problems. I can’t wait until they go Bankrupt. That day should become a National Holiday so everyone can celebrate.
    — Chuck Lipinski    Apr 24, 09:05 PM    #
  15. I purchased a Kenmore refrigerator on sale with free delivery..in Nov 2006 $45.00 charge which i sent a rebate form for.
    Being they put on interest free account for a year, I thought they would credit the $45.00 to the account.. I mailed the rebate form the same day it was delivered.. It is now 5/12/07 and no rebate check or credit for the charge.. From reading your stories and at age 75 I do not thing it would be worth spending hours on the phone.. Probably will tell my family and friends what has happened and to look on the internet before buying SEARS products.. Thanks for your time
    — John    May 12, 02:38 AM    #
  16. I just got ripped off by Sears.
    I bought a refrigerator and was promised a rebate. I made a perfect copy of the rebate form and the receipt and sent in the originals. They turned me down the first time because they claimed that they couldn’t read the sales receipt because it was blurry. Then they turned me down again because of the postmark date of my second letter. I sent the second later just a couple of days after receiving my first denial.
    — Ben    Jun 2, 10:25 PM    #
  17. Same story, no resolve. Just got off phone, no solutions. Filed BBB complaint, next to Attorney General, then to Dateline, 20-20, 60 Minutes….
    ANYONE have a ‘process’ that gets results fast?
    — Guruuno    Aug 27, 01:23 PM    #
  18. I have another reason to hate Sears. In May 2007, a repairman came to my house to repair a microwave and asked whether I wanted him to replace the water filter in my refrigerator. I agreed and paid him $64.36. I soon realized the filter was defective —- the water came out at a trickle —- so I called Sears customer relations to find out what to do, as I had no number for the repair service office the repairmen had come from. After making numerouis calls and promises of a call back with instructions and getting no responses, I finally reached a man who gave me an address in Dallas, TX to return the filter to. I sent it by UPS with a clear, explanatory letter with all pertinent information. Two months later, when I hadn’t gotten an answer,I resolved to get the matter over and done with. After spending more than two hours on the phone and being passed to 21 Sears employees to whom I gave my name, telephone number, address and description of the problem, I wound up with a woman in the New England repair service who seemed to sympathize and said she’d call me back after discussing the matter with her manager. She didn’t call me back, so I called her this morning. She told me it was my fault I couldn’t get a refund because I had no proof that I’d returned the filter. The fact that I had the tracking number and delivery information from UPS meant nothing. Then she told me all I had to do was call 411 and get the phone number for the repair center in Dallas and speak directly with them. I was disgusted with her attitude and tone and hung up before I said something to hurt the poor thing’s feelings. I did call 411 and the number I was given was the 800 number for Sears, where you have to go through the list of queries. When I finally got to speak to someone, she directed me to the New England service center, to the same chick who recommended that I call 411. I have written to Aylwen Lewis, the Sears CEO, but I’m not holding my breath. If I get any reply, it will no doubt be a letter addressed to “Dear customer” and, if it’s my lucky day, there will be a coupon for 10% off my next purchase (with certain exclusions)if I open a charge account. No Sears appliance will ever darken my doorstep again. And BTW, I have a mold farm in my front- loading Maytag. I can’t wait for that to break down for good.

    — Mary    Sep 19, 12:30 AM    #
  19. Same story….bought 4 appliances in May 07 with a promised 20% rebate ( over $1000 due ). I can’t get them to send the rebate check and they don’t seem to care. I’m on to small claims court, AG’s office in California. Does anyone have a contact at Sears corporate who will actually listen or care?

    — sally    Sep 20, 03:04 AM    #
  20. I am going through the same freaking thing with the 20% rebate. I might just fly to the corporate office and give them a piece of my mind in person. I’ve been waiting since April 07 it’s now Oct 07. The 4th check I called about I did get but they put a stop payment on it then I was charged nsf fees. I just got of the phone and of course the computers are being updated. They asked me to call back in 2 hours so when I do I feel bad for the person who gets my call I“M GOING TO LOSE IT!!! I“m so fed up that I too will NEVER EVER EVER buy anything from them again and I will make sure anyone I know will never either.

    — Nicholle    Oct 3, 06:47 PM    #
  21. I’m a Sears employee, and I’m not going to lie to you guys —- I’m not surprised at the complaints. Sears has some crappy tendencies. I work in the mattresses department and we have a delivery rebate for $65, and no one has ever complained to me about it. But I’m really not surprised that the $500-$1,000 rebates are being stalled. I do know that different rebates are processed by different branches of the company, so delivery rebates are definately separate from appliance rebates. You can clarify that by the address that the rebate is supposed to be sent to. Delivery rebates are sent to Texas, and a few others to New England; I’m not too sure about the appliance rebates.

    I believe recently we have had a “buy more save more” promotion, with INSTANT rebates of up to 20% depending on how many appliances you purchase. Perhaps the point is being made by consumers?

    Don’t yell at me, I’m just trying to pay my way through college.

    — Tim    Oct 10, 06:00 AM    #
  22. Hi, Tim!
    Thanks for dropping by and posting. Let’s hope Sears implements “instant” rebates because their systems is broken. Glad to hear you’re working your way through college. Practical business experience is a fabulous teacher and you’re getting a first-hand chance at seeing how NOT to manage a company. Best to you in all you do!

    Sharon    Oct 12, 07:52 PM    #
  23. I hate sears too!! I spent 10,000 on appliances and 1 mth later my freezer broke and lost 1000 worth of food…as if that wasn’t bad enough…when my sears card came due I paid it off in cash and the next time I went to make a purchase at the store my card came up declined…when I called about the issue she said my credit was excellent but due to the fact I was unemployed I could no longer use my card untill I got a job.my card was on hold I told them forget about the hold just cancel the card and shove it up their ass..they knew I was unemployed when I bought the appliances because I asked for a Credit Increase.and told them I just moved to a new town and was not working yet…I cannot believe after having that credit card for 12 years and spending 40,000 dollars there throughout the years they would do that, especially after I just paid them off in cash…they waited for me to pay them before putting my card on hold…I will never ever buy anything from sears again…would rather pay more then give them one read cent of mine

    — Christine    Oct 12, 10:17 PM    #
  24. Need your advice. Finally rec’d my $1,400 rebate, after 6 mos., only to find out today the check was not honored. What did you do next??

    — Tammy    Oct 22, 06:57 PM    #
  25. i am an empleoyee of the rebate center of sears, we are in ARGENTINA, do not buy products because of the rebate, they are going to try to cehat you, people in the store do not advise the customers about the terms and conditions for the rebate, and if there is a disccount, why dont you get that at the store itself??? because they are going to try to decline the rebate, so there is no disccount at all, i suppouse that i am going to lose my job after this, but sears is cheating people, like allthe rebates

    — bien pillo    Dec 15, 12:08 AM    #
  26. I’m lucky that I received the rebate for the appliances I purchased from Sears, a washer and dryer. That was over 8 years ago. My problem was with a washer I tried purchasing online. I was a loyal Sears shopper; having purchased all my TVs, washer/dryer, tires, tools you name it from Sears over the years. When my washer went out I was upset because I thought it should last longer than 8 years but didn’t blame Sears. So, I attempted to purchase another washer online. That’s when my experience with Sears customer service began. It appears that when you order things from Sears online they have to verify with the bank that the purchase is legitimate. How they do that is still not clear. Needless to say when the appliance didn’t arrive on the date it was scheduled, I called Sears. The people I spoke to told me that I had to contact my bank to determine why the charge was not cleared. I told them I could see why, it was because they had not finalized the charge to the bank. The $1000+ charge would remain pending on my account until Sears completed the transaction. When I spoke to my bank they indicated that this has happened quite often with Searsonline. Their customer service should contact the bank only if they thought the charge was suspicious. Since the charge was to my bank account and the delivery of the product was to the home address and telephone associated with the account this should have been cleared without contacting the bank. Anyway, Sears never did that. They simply let the pending transaction remain for over a week until I called to tell them to cancel the transaction. Needless to say, I went the BestBuy and purchased a washer and dryer. Not only did I buy a washer and dryer, I purchased the most expensive one in the store.

    — Vicki    Dec 31, 06:39 AM    #
  27. you are completely right, i work for sears in argentina, we aren’t in minessota…please take us out from this freaking work…THX

    — Javier    Apr 10, 06:58 PM    #
  28. I couldn’t agree more. Sears doesn’t stand behind the appliances they sell. I purchased a brand new Kenmore washing machine in March, it went out in April, they refused to give me a new machine and it took them weeks to order the part and months to send someone out to put it in. I hope the CEO and all managers of Sears choke to death and go straight to hell.

    — John    Jul 22, 08:00 AM    #
  29. Seriously, one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. I found this blog by typing “I hate Sears” into Google. I’m so glad I’m not alone!!

    — Tracy    Jul 23, 01:16 AM    #
  30. Believe the guy who previously posted this information…I am a coworker of his and I ALSO work in the rebate center in ARGENTINA…Sears will always find a way to deceive you, a way to give you an ETERNAL runaround with your money….we try always to do our best…and WE CANNOT also believe how people is denied for their rebates when they actually meet ALL the requirements….it´s ridiculous…we are underpaid, mis treated….but anyway….we are on your side…try to understand us when you talk to us….we need our jobs. Good Luck.

    — jj    Aug 2, 11:54 PM    #
  31. This whole thing about Sears is because of Eddie Lampert, he is a Professonial “Legal” Con-artist.
    His motto is “Make Money” but it’s on the backs of Customers, Employees, and Vendors.

    But we need to apprecaite how God punish the evil.
    See, Eddie has been bying bach his shares of Sears Holding when they were at $150.00 they are now worth $60.00… Don’t shop at Sears this way his shares will hit bottom. Hurray… this is Final Revenge for all the people who suffered via the Sears unfair business practices.
    We now have our REVENGE!
    EDDIE you are going to HELL!

    — ARRA    Oct 31, 02:19 AM    #
  32. Ha, Well you all shouldn't feel so bad for I have done something really stupid. This thing that I did that was sooo stupid was that after sears eff'd me the first time with my sears points, i went back and bought an outdoor sun shade gazeebo in the summer. After brining it home and setting it up there were some obvious defects in the frame. Well by the next morning the frame collapsed under its own self weight and when I tried to return it they wouldn't take it back.. it was a long afternoon arguing. Okay I was so enraged that I didn't even care about the 500 dollars i had spent on it and left it outside their front door in pieces. Now after all that you would think I would learn my lesson and never shop at Sears again. Nope I put my trust in them again. I decided to buy all my kitchen appliances for my new home from them and they eff'd me again! My microwave broke after 3 months and I had only used it maybe 4 times. It took over 3 months before it was working again. Well this is just the half of it and I don’t feel like typing anymore. I am getting more and more anxious as every day passes that something is going to go wrong and I'll have to deal with their customer service.

    — Dave N    Dec 12, 01:24 AM    #
  33. I hate Sears now as well. They used to be a great company, not so any more. The customer service 1-800 number is a JOKE, their delivery service people are untrained and lazy, and the technicians never show up on time. I just bought $10,000 worth of high-end appliances for a kitchen remodel and since the purchase, almost everything has been terrible. Everything from very severe property damage during the install to damaged appliances in the box, late appointments and rude customer service employees on the 1-800 number. I will NEVER buy from Sears again. – Atlanta GA

    — Bryan    Dec 20, 08:35 PM    #
  34. I’ve been waiting a year for my rebate and just gave up.$500. Never knew it was a nation-wide issue. It’s refreshing (unfortunately) to see I’m not alone…

    — Paul    Jan 28, 09:46 PM    #
  35. Hi,
    I’m looking at your blog through Firefox and not all of the text is showing right. Were you aware about this?

    Blayne Rush    May 22, 11:48 AM    #
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