This 'n That

A Lyrebird Moment – David Attenborough is to nature shows as Julia Child was to cooking shows. In honor of his 80th birthday, polls were conducted, allowing fans to choose their favorite Attenborough moment. The winning video clip is available at Yahoo Videos. and the Daily Mail. Watch it, be convinced that “Bird Brain” is a compliment.

Sea gull felony – Latest scuttle on local talk radio and editorials: did a Boston window washer kill a rooftop sea gull in self-defense? My theory is she was protecting her nest which he supposedly destroyed by whacking her eggs to death. He lost his job and facing felony charges.

Palm Tree Fast – Daryl Hannah, fasting in a LA palm tree, had to be cherry-picker extracted. She’s angry that a 14-acre land-owner wants to use his land to build a warehouse, replacing an urban garden. In the spirit of Laura Ingraham’s “Shut Up and Sing”, I’d like to suggest Ms. Hannah and her Hollywood-protest buddies “Shut Up and Buy” the 14-acres, donating it themselves to the urban garden folks. Hannah needs a good script – she has too much time on her hands.

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