Daniel’s Bear Journal

4/5 – I went down to the frog pond with my Mom and sister. They heard frogs. I heard a bear growl and was very afraid. Mom said I was safe. “That isn’t a bear growling“, she said. “It’s a squirrel up in that oak tree, warning us not to come closer”. I said, “I don’t know about that because I heard it and I know a bear growl when I hear it”. Mom said we had Beau, our poodle, with us and that he was a big poodle, who had a big poodle bark, and would frighten any bear away.

4/10 – Mom and Dad were cleaning out the garage; I was running and playing but I got scared; I told everyone I heard a ‘big black ferocious bear growling in the woods that was coming to get me”; Mom and Dad said I was ‘okay” and ‘safe” and that Daddy was bigger than any bear and would protect me. Daddy growled and said he wasn’t ‘amused” but Mommy said, ‘Well, you know I meant ‘stronger’“. Anyway, they said they didn’t see a bear and I could help sweep. That was okay with me.

4/12 – I rode my bike around the driveway today. Then I heard a bear growl in the woods. And I heard some twigs breaking. And I heard the bushes moving. I ran over to my Mom and hid behind her legs. She told me I was safe.

4/15 – I went for a walk with Mom and Sarah and my dog, Beau, in the woods next to our house. I heard a big black ferocious bear growl. I even saw its den, a great big black hole in the rocks next to the trail. I screamed to Mom and Sarah, “There! I told you we had a bear! There’s its den and I hear it growling!”. But Mom said the growl was only a motorcycle way off in the distance. She said I was safe. She said Beau would smell a bear and bark and make it run away.

4/20 – I was swinging on my swing set. I heard a “big black ferocious bear growl because it was hungry and had just come out of its den and was going to eat me”. That’s what I told my Mom.

Mom said the growl was an airplane and she pointed up, up, up, high into the sky. I ran to Beau and asked him if he would really growl if he smelled a bear. He wagged his tail.

4/24 – I was looking outside this morning at our backyard. “Are you sure we don’t have any bears”, I asked my Mom, “because I’m pretty sure I just saw something big and black standing out in the woods”. She said, “Daniel, please, no bear hunts until I finish doing the dishes, okay?”

4/28 – I was building a “gigantic intergalactic space bombadary-proclaster blaster” in my bedroom. That’s a special rocket made out from Legos. Mom says I am a great scientist, engineer and inventor. I looked out my bedroom window. I do that a lot just because I know there are a lot of animals in the woods and they have to come out some time! This time, though, I was really sure I heard a bear growling.

I yelled downstairs to Mom, “There’s a big huge black ferocious bear growling at our front door because he was in his den, smelled our dinner, and now he wants some of our food!”. Mom said, “I think that was your tummy growling. Come downstairs and have a carrot stick while I finish making dinner”. I told her, “Okay, I’ll come down but I’m pretty sure that was a bear growling and not my stomach”.

5/2 – I was building an ‘emergency jet cow fighter rocket’ in my room. It’s black and white like some cows. I needed to stop building it and look out my window. I looked. I rubbed my eyes. Then I ran downstairs yelling ‘Mom! A bear! Mom! A bear! Mom! Mom! A bear in our driveway!”

Mom said, ‘Daniel, it’s really okay. You’re safe. We have Beau and he would growl and bark if he saw a bear. Come have a piece of cheese while I finish making dinner”.

Well, I had about enough. I put my hands on my hips and said real slow, like she sometimes talks to me, “No. Mom. I. Saw. A. BEAR. He’s in our DRIVEWAY”.

Just then Daddy got home, walked in the door and said, “Wow! A bear in our driveway!.”

Mommy said, “Mark, please don’t encourage this behavior!”

Daddy looked wide-eyed and said, “Encourage what behavior? There’s a bear in our driveway!”

Mommy said, ““Mark! Please stop”.

“Really! I’m telling the truth”, he said. “At first, I thought it was our dog but thought it too strange, he’d be out alone standing in our drive. Then I realized it was too big for Beau. Then I thought it was a big black mastiff. Then I realized I’ve never seen a big black mastiff in our neighborhood. Then I took a really good look and couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a BIG BLACK BEAR!”

I told my Mom, “See! I told you we had bear!” but by then, she and my sister, Sarah, had their faces pressed to the window to see if they could see a bear, but Daddy told them it had already run into the woods.

Beau got very excited. He grabbed my brown stuffed toy bear that was a present from my friends, Donna and Wally. He ran back and forth, back and forth, growling and shaking my bear. I told him, “No, Beau, not THAT bear! Go get the real one outside!!” Mom said no one was going outside for a very long time.

Daddy said something like, ‘Oh, c’mon honey, bears are more afraid of us….”, but I never heard the end of his sentence because Mom had scooped me up, giving me a big hug, telling me she was sorry for not believing me.

New Hampshire Black Bear

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