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This post is interesting to me because it was written in 2000, the year Daniel was born, showing a parent already suspicious of the immune system. It’s only been in the past year I’ve seen people more accepting of the immune-system theory. So much of the focus has wrongly been on mercury, which is in immunizations, distracting everyone from other areas of possible causes which have disrupted and perverted the immune system. Here’s the post:

In Reply to: How did you find out your son needed an anti-viral? posted by Angie P on May 26, 2000 at 05:54:14:

We couldn’t find anyone locally. Goldberg is in LA, we are from Texas. Goldbergs protocal includes, anti-viral, low dose SSRI, and sometimes anti-fungals, plus diet. He theorizes that autism is a neuroimmune dysfunction (perhaps a stealth virus or related herpes variation), thus, the anti-viral. I believed our son was affected by some kind of disease or insult on his immune system because of his symtoms and late regression (3.5 years). No one listened until someone recommeded Goldberg. Although, we have made good progress, we have a long way to go, however, I believe that had we taken our son to Goldberg at an early onset, instead of the age of six, when we learned of Goldberg’s protocal he would have been turned around almost completely. His website is

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