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The last year has been intensely difficult with regards to our son’s health. With the amount of research and investigating I’ve done, it’s left little time for self, little time for “fun”. In fact, if someone were to tell me to “take the afternoon – go have fun”, I’d either crawl into bed for a quiet nap or head straight back to my computer for more research. I don’t feel like fun – not until this is more settled. So in the meantime, I research and once in awhile there are things I find I can do – like installing research-backed AirFree purifiers which incinerate mold and mildew.

For other things I can do, Great Plains Laboratory has tests which may help determine some of the underlying causes of our son’s “behavior” which, at times, has appeared to be in the psychosis realm. I am no longer concerned that he may be schizophrenic, BUT, I am convinced his psychosis “events” were real. The real question now is, is it indicative of a permanent condition OR was it stress-related due to his Autistic inclination towards high anxiety OR could it possibly be from something else – like mold. -Sharon

Excerpt from “The Great Plains Laboratory” presentation by Dr. Shaw on Schizophrenia

Shaw reports that the organic acid test has been used to find underlying causes in psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, autism, attention deficit disorder, and a host of physical ailments. “A high percentage of people have benefited,” he says, “because they pinpoint the physical basis of the disease.”

The organic acid test is commonly ordered to detect the presence of Candida (yeast) overgrowth which can cause a broad spectrum of mental disorders including depression and schizophrenia.

“I usually recommend allergy tests for psychosis as well,” says Shaw. “Mold, for example, can trigger a psychotic reaction in some people. One doctor videoed a female patient who had to be restrained by three people after being exposed to a single drop of mold extract.”

In cases of psychosis or schizophrenia, Shaw recommends a standard physical examination and tests to check for underlying medical causes, such as a Chem-25 blood test, urinalysis, thyroid test, and a 5-hour glucose tolerance test. If nothing significant shows, he recommends the organic acid urine test, a comprehensive food allergy IGG blood test, comprehensive inhalant allergy panel, comprehensive stool analysis, amino acid test, essential fatty acid test, metals hair test and an opiates peptide urine test. These tests are unique. Psychotics commonly poorly digest wheat or milk which can result in the production of opiate (as in opium) peptides (compounds formed from amino acids). All three tests are available at Great Plains Lab.

“We don’t have any hard numbers,” says Shaw, “but I’d say that on 50% of individuals with psychosis you would find significant abnormalities in these areas [of the tests] and they would experience benefit.”

The costs of the tests are: Organic acid – $220; Comprehensive food allergy – $200; Opiate peptides – $100, amino acid test $200, Metals Hair Analysis $125 Inhalant Allergy Panel $165, Comprehensive Stool Analysis $305, and Essential Fatty Acids $175 They are covered by many insurance policies.

Great Plains Laboratory is in Overland Park, Kansas, at (913) 341-8949.

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