Avoid Processed Orange Juice

Sharon’s note: Here’s a good Mercola article on the benefits of flavanoids from citrus fruit and information on why processed orange juice should be avoided. There is mention made that oranges should be avoid as they are the number one allergic fruit, but I’ll have to research that more, as I’ve heard that’s more a result of the molds and fungus on improperly stored fruit, than it is specific to ALL oranges.

Oranges and Tangerines Inhibit Cancer
Source: http://www.mercola.com/2000/apr/23/oranges_iinhiibit_cancer.htm

Naturally occurring substances in citrus juices, called flavanoids, show promise against prostate cancer, lung cancer and melanoma in laboratory studies, according to a joint Canadian-United States study. Twenty-two flavonoids were examined during the study; this is the first time they have been tested against melanoma and prostate and lung cancer.

Of the 22 flavanoids studied, two that occur naturally in tangerine juice – tangeretin and nobiletin -were the most effective inhibitors of human prostate cancer cells. The compounds also inhibited the growth of melanoma cells, notes Guthrie. Her lab previously reported that the tangerine compounds were effective against breast cancer cells. A flavonoid found in both tangerines and oranges, 5-desmethyl sinensetin, inhibited human lung cancer cells most effectively. In comparison with other compounds the researchers have studied, the tangerine and orange flavonoids are very effective. Small amounts inhibit proliferation of cancer cells.

A synthetic flavonoid, quercetrin tetramethyl ether, also inhibited the growth of colon cancer cells during the studies, says Guthrie. The synthetic flavonoid was made by modifying quercetrin extracts. Quercetrin is found in many plants other than citrus.

219th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society San Diego March 19, 2000

COMMENT: Flavanoids are incredibly potent phytochemicals that provide a variety of health benefits, not only cancer treatment and prevention. They are very effective in promoting vascular health are a foundational treatment for easy bruising, hemorrhoids or varicose veins. I would provide a few cautions with this research though. The obvious one is to obtain the flavanoids from whole fruits. Fruit juice will cause more problems than it solves due to its disturbance on insulin metabolism. The other caution, although somewhat less critical, is to avoid oranges and use the tangerines or other citrus fruit. Most of us have been exposed to commercial orange juice on a regular basis. Many commercial orange juices are contaminated with mold from damaged fruit that are processed. So if you drink commercial orange juice regularly you will be exposed to these mold toxins. One than becomes classically conditioned to associate the mold to the orange which, in many people, causes problems. My experience is that orange is the number one fruit allergy and my belief is it is due to the mechanism I just described.

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