Best Internet Homeschool Sites

I’ve been collecting favorite educational support internet sites. While none of our core daily work relies on this, it is wonderful to take breaks, letting Sarah play online math games, dissect frogs, or watch science demonstrations. I’ll constantly be adding new information to this site. Sections include art, charts, lesson plans, math, science, geography, history, nature lessons, composition, lateral thinking, typing, and more, more, more…


Miniatures paper dollhouses, etc.:

Drawing with Children Exercise Sheets:

Card and boxmaking –

Dollhouse furniture, miniature buildings, decorations, etc: –

Not everything is floral and dollhouses. You can even find dinos and the White House! –

Complex 3D paper models from Yamaha Motors, Japan –

Paper 3D model of a globe –

Paper models of polyhedra –

Wonderful notecards with matching envelopes. Sarah’s
particularly fond of the floral designs which can be beautifully detailed with colored pencils –

Technical Drawing, free course, this one seems in-depth but surprisingly void of art/drawing –

How to draw

Carol Gerten’s Fine Art Museum –

Coloring Page Search Engine:


A great site for making your own charts, awards, just about anything you can imagine!

Chore Charts:

Encourages writing –

Dolce Word Lists:
This one has a story, at the very beginning, which contains all 220 Dolce Sight Words. Scroll down and they have a number of fun sounding activities:

Here’s one that groups the Dolce sight words into grade levels PLUS it includes a Dolce phrase list and Dolce Nouns. This is the first time I’ve seen nouns and phrases. This looks really helpful! They break the 220 words into grade levels.

Dolce/Dolch Game, Snake Game with sight words:

To make the cards for playing the “snake game”, I printed off the following list:

Developmental Delays
Teaching Individuals with Developmental Delays – by Lovaas – Best price through Borders Books (fabulous on-line “check the inventory” feature – this was the best price I found – $49 or ; Lovaas is the “creator” of ABA, used first on animals (think clicker training which is operant conditioning used to train animals at theme parks, zoos, and homes including my parrots) – it was then found to have tremendous application for developmentally delayed children, reinforcing desired behavior, while extinguishing undesirable

Educator Articles
EducationNews.Org, a mix of secular and home school interest, as well as special education –

Geography – Physical

GoogleEarth – because there’s nothing better for flying around the earth – fun, fun, fun, free and fun – they’ve taken all the USGS global images, put them together and you just simply need to “fly” around the world to any address you’d like – – print out maps

USGS Geography Educational Resources – earthquakes, map mysteries, remote sensing, historical satellite images, geocaching, USA geography quiz and more, more, more all using the USGS Global GIS CD and DVD sets –

USGS – order site for their CD and DVD-based world atlas (pricey) on which a number of their educational programs are based –

Geo-Images Project uses photos to help teach geography, interesting segments include –

  • Virtual Reality Panoramas which is interesting and has teaching applications, albeit, it’s more like watching slide shows of other people’s trips;

The World Wide Panorama is really amazing! Interactive VR (virtual reality) panoramas, by the thousands also include geographic coordinates, some interesting segments include:

Internet Resources for Physical Geography – comprehensive listing of sources including biogeography, geomorphology, hydrology, soil science, climatology and meterology, earthquakes, geochemistry, hydrogeology, paleontology, volcanos, earth science and geology page; you could spend days at this site if not weeks –

The 7 Natural Wonders of the World –

Color Landform Atlas of the United States –

Geocoder.US – find the latitude and longitude of any US address for FREE

Geography – United States Interactive Maps

GoogleEarth – because there’s nothing better for flying around the earth – fun, fun, fun, free and fun –

A Lesson plan on how to memorize the original 13
colonies –

More memory work on original 13 colonies –

Every state flag! –

Every state song! –

Click and drag states into correct position –

Drag mouse over states to view name and capital – low-level interactive and don’t try this in Firefox! –

Learn the states while you study climatology –

Interactive United States Climate – make your own map from 1895 to the present –

Loaded site with FREE interactive software for learning the states and capitals –
(Caveat – I haven’t yet downloaded their software; they specify Windows 98, 95 or 3.1 so I haven’t yet wanted to experiment with their software stability)

Geography – Webcams, National Parks

*Old Faithful Geyser –

*Yosemite –

*Glacier Nat’l Park –

*Acadia –

*Crater Lake –

*Glacier –

*Grand Canyon –

*Grand Teton –

*Great Smoky Mountains –

*Joshua Tree –

*Mammoth Cave –

*Theodore Roosevelt –

*Yellowstone –

*Yosemite –


Superb archive of lessons –

Grammar Glossary by grade level is a great companion tool to Daily Grammar –

Using grammar skills in writing/composition –

Index to the above site which is difficult to navigate:

How to Diagram a Sentence
First spread the sentence out on a clean, flat surface, such as an ironing board. Then, using a sharp pencil or X-Acto knife, locate the “predicate,” which indicates where the action has taken place and is usually located directly behind the gills. For example, in the sentence: “LaMont never would of bit a forest ranger,” the action probably took place in a forest. Thus your diagram would be shaped like a little tree with branches sticking out of it to indicate the locations of the various particles of speech, such as your gerunds, proverbs, adjutants, etc. — Dave Barry

Diagrammed Example, Pledge of Allegiance –

Diagrammed Example, Preamble to the Constitution-

Diagramming Basic Sentence Parts & Patterns –

Purchase fonts for computer to generate more practice sheets:

HANDWRITING: This one isn’t free, but the $25 (approx) cost is well worth it for the years of use one could get, creating your own handwriting practice sheets and exercises. I use it with a Getty-Dubay handwriting course, from Oregon University: :

Make your own practice sheets; multiple fonts, very easy to use and powerful with manuscript and cursive –

History – American:

Postcards From America, free service self-described as “Hitch a ride in our virtual backseat as we tour the 50 states in our RV, “Harvey the RV,” and share this exciting journey through the window of an electronic postcard.” –

First Ladies of the United States –

American President History –

White House – American Presidents, paintings/photos and dates –

Early American history. It includes many things not considered of much importance by some secular scholars (even some Anne Bradstreet poetry) –

Historical Maps! North American map archives 1783 – 1860 –

Mission Geography:

Best of History Web Sites –

Eyewitnesses to history –

National Gallery of Art educational loan program

NH curriculum history:

From Revolution to Reconstruction – early American documents –

USA history – really great site!

Early exploration of new Hampshire

Net state geography – interesting ‘borders“ feature –

Latin sites:

Audio pronunciations of vowels –

Latin, Listen & Speak at E.L. Easton Language Onlines, many helpful links –

Americanum Latinitatis Vivae Institutum (Salvi) with many helpful links, all in, what else? Latin – exercises, quizzes, dictionaries – and

Quis vocaris? Your Name in Latin! –

RealAudio Files for Wheelock’s Self-Tutorial

Lateral thinking/logic/puzzles/word games:

The Grey Labyrinth –

Lateral thinking puzzles represented at this site are some of our favorite –

The Discovery School site has upgraded their site and have a link to brain boosters which includes archives that cover lateral thinking, logic, number and math play, reasoning, spacial awareness, and work and letter play.

Lesson Plans:

Teacher’s net lessons on every subject –

4th grade:

Literature – Christian
Early American & Colonial Literature to 1700 –

MainLesson – great resource for quality reading with many pre-1900 selections –

Fire & Ice Puritan & Reformed Writings, Mather, Edwards, they’re all here –

The Richard Baxter Homepage – Baxter is a fascinating study, a precursor to today’s Nouthetic Counseling model – “Baxter a “reformed” pastor was not one who campaigned for Calvinism but one whose ministry to his people as preacher, teacher, catechist and role-model showed him to be, as we would say, “revived” or “renewed”. The essence of this kind of “reformation” was enrichment of understanding of God’s truth, arousal of affections Godward, increase ardor in one’s devotions, and more love, joy, and firmness of Christian purpose in one’s calling and personal life.” –


Math Puzzles –

Math Dictionary – interactive, colorful and fun!

Mrs. Lindquist – The Algebra Tutor –

Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies – Lower Grader –

Tessellations –

Tesslations Tutorials –

Gregorian Calendar –

Plane Math, fun interactive scenarios teaching about math and aeronautics –, interactive multiplication table –

Multiplication Hidden Picture –

VIRTUAL manipulatives!

Zona Land – Basic to High End Skills relating to physics and mathematical sciences – two key sections, “More Science than Mathematics” and “More Mathematics than Science”:

StudyWorks, how math and science work together –

Unit Converter for math or science includes energy, rpsesure, volume, temperature and mass –

A+ Math – games, interactive, worksheets, flashcards –

Great for practice: – type in ANY topic and provides hundreds of links to pages of ideas, practice, etc.

Mathematics Lessons that are Fun, includes ratios and fractions –, over 5,000 pages, low-level to high including 3D wireframes, tesselations, geometry, algebra, calculus –

Multi-level worksheets, examples and puzzles – great site! –

Interactive math worksheets:

“Ask Dr. Math” –

Multiplication Matho, Math Counts – middle-level –

reinforces math

Worksheets –
Math worksheets ready-made or create-your-own –

Online homeschool radio show –

“Key to…” series to be good fillers. They are inexpensive, and well done –

Flashcard maker: flashcard maker is very nice, just as suitable for boys as girls, you can print the cards (up to 50 per set) and save the files. Find it here:

Well-trained mind article –

Periodic table – periodic table game – periodic table game

Old books on line with links to other online books –

General, helpful ideas:"

Christine Miller’s website, my all time favorite –

The Bluedorn Family offers solid Biblical wisdom on homeschooling, discipline, etc., Trivium Pursuit –

Movie Reviews – Christian Emphasis
ChristianMovie.Net – –

Music Worksheets:

Clef notes worksheets –

Sheet Music – –

Christian hymns – not the modern“God is my girlfriend” junk, but of worshipful nature –

Bass clef worksheets:

Glimpses for Kids – Real heroes for Today –

Fanny Crosby – Terrible at math, Gifted with Words –

Classic Hymns –

Free Classic Hymns –

Cyber Hymnal –

I Am Thine O Lord –

Christian classic hymns, free sheet muscic! – “”:

Vocal & Instrumental Scores Available Free Online – (need free Scorch to view/print)

Scorch – free score reading/printing software used with
Downloaded and installed scorch for reading music:

Bible, Texts & Music –

Sibelius Music – huge collection, many modern – “ “:

Billed as the first “karaoke opera site” over 100 Italian operas are featured along with ability to select individual tracks separating instrumental from vocals –


Dolce Sight Words –

Poet’s Corner –

Tremendous resource – free quality reading; nature and character-building stories:

Reading Lesson Plans:

Alphabet, Reading, Art: I adore Jan Brett and she has some endearing and beautiful activities on her site:

I’ve printed off all of the “alphabets”, “alphabet flash cards”, and the drawing activities (located under “D”) on her page. There are so many activities that we’ll never get to them but I am very grateful to Brett and her obvious love for children. She’s really put her all into creating this site:

Reading – another “must have” that is totally free. I have used this one endlessly, printing off every single exercise, placing them in plastic protective sheets, and having my daughter use erasable crayons or markers for the exercises. Also, there are some word wheels that we’ve printed out,cut out, and constructed. They are tremendously help and fun. One thing she loves to do is read the words on the word wheel and then make up her own story, using all the words. There is some great instructional information at this site, wonderful exercises – have fun

Also, there is SO MUCH at the site that I just haven’t had enough hours to go through it all. I just found a wonderful history library, on the site, that will be great when my daughter is older. There is math….science…it is endless! And all free! Here’s one, if anyone has older children on “America: The Great Melting Pot”.

Sight words – this one is a “must have” in my opinion – 220 of the most frequently used sight words.

These make a great daily exercise.

Are you ever stumped over locating the exact fact to support your most positive statement? The Learning Network’s ‘Fact Monster’ from Information Please will have the answer to all your questions. The site was actually developed for the younger set but will pique the interest of us older folks as well, where else but the ‘Cool Stuff!

Rhetoric & Apologetics – Christian
Defending The Faith –

Fire & Ice Puritan & Reformed Writings has been around “forever” and a great resource –

I seldom miss an opportunity to read anything written by Greg Bahnsen –

Bahnsen – Debate with athiest, Dr. Gordon Stein, “Does God Exist” –

Apologetics Audio – extensive variety of online sermons –

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics – variety of resources –

A Puritan’s Mind, great assortment of links provided –

Alpha & Omega Ministries, James White –

Applied Presuppositionalism, Greg Bahnsen –

Online Sermons –

VanTil Sermons –

Answers in Genesis, resources and teaching materials for children to adults –

Institute for Creation Research, ICR

The Creation Research Society –

TalkOrigins Archive – “Exploring the Creation/Evolution Controversy” which includes links to both sides of the issues –

Rhetoric – Secular
Silva Rhetoricae –

American Rhetoric Online Speechbank – Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy –

The Hypatia Project –

Object lessons – from 1893; Roehampton Digital Library, UK – A “primer“ of sorts for teaching children the basics of science using the material world, turning perceptions to observations, then comparison and classification –

Embryology –

AWESOME SITE! A new picture of the day witih detailed descriptions

Provides many science links –

Acids in Nature

How does a filter work –

Simulating a glacier –

Relative size of planets –

Nine planets – A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System –

SIM Planet Quest – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory –

Planet with Largest Solid Core Ever Discovered –

The Surface of the Sun, The Photosphere and Electrically Driven Solar Flares –

The 12th Planet’s Core –

Equalizing air pressure –

Testing for starch –

Backyard nature study site –

Mt. Washington, NH Weather – highest windspeed in the world –

Science Lessons –


good article:

microscope imaging:

Zona Land – Basic to High End Skills relating to physics and mathematical sciences – two key sections, “More Science than Mathematics” and “More Mathematics than Science”:

Science – Nature Studies:
The Classics of Biology at BioMedia – planaria, daphnia and paramecium –

My favorite site:

frog dissection:

frog information –

New England frog information – wood frogs! The ones in our pond!

bird and wildlife information

experiments – suspension mixture, colloidal (butter) mixture, solution:

science lessons –

periodic table –

National Science Week –

Sing ‘n Learn Science Songs:

Science supply company –

The Taunton Press Fine Gardening’s Guide to Pronouncing Botanical Latin –

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets –

Botanical Binomials – What Do Plant Names Mean? –

Botanical Plant Names, Why They Are Used and Why You Should Learn to Use Them (and why they’re really not classical Latin) –

Botany – Plant Parts & Functions –

Bugs & Insects buy insects –

Insect Anatomy –

insect biology –

insect biology – “

taxonomy – taxonomy and

EducationNews.Org –
Here’s a free (although donations are appreciated!) typing site which, IMO, is wonderful.

Learn2Type, free lessons including AZERTY and Dvorak keyboards as well as 10-key certification and testing; for younger children, there’s a “Learn2Type for Kids” area –

Touch Typing –

Test Your Typing Speed –

Dance Mat Typing – fun and free once you get used to the thick Scottish accent –

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    I am the founder of and instructor for the Carmenta Online Latin School. I teach high-quality online Latin classes using live audio and video. I am writing this e-mail to you because I am creating some free Latin instructional videos that I think could be useful for educational organizations like yours to provide as resources on your website. If you are interested, feel free to add my website as a link.

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