Nothing New Under the Sun..

Page 37

“THE custom of cooking or sterilizing milk, due to ignorance,
is little less than criminal.

Cooking milk is recommended by certain alleged dietetic
authorities on the ground that it kills bacteria. They probably
forget, maybe do not know, that all the five digestive fluids
are strongly germicidal. The bacteria that may exist in milk,
of which so much fear is entertained, could not live an instant
after coming in contact with the gastric juice which is
strongly aciduous, to say nothing of contact with the saliva,
bile, and pancreatic and intestinal juices.

Milk, however, should be taken with some intelligence.
A valuable lesson in its proper use can be learned from the
calf, or nursing infant, which draw and swallow it in small
quantities and which keep up a continuous motion of the jaws
as if in chewing, thus pumping into the mouth enough saliva
to aid nature in the first process of digestion.

Milk can be thoroughly insalivated by taking it into the
mouth and mixing it with other foods which have been
thoroughly masticated and are ready for swallowing.
The too free use of boiled or sterilized milk will produce
scurvy in children, and when scurvy exists both sterilized and
raw milk must be discontinued. It is certainly, therefore,
much better to commence at once the use of milk in its
natural condition than to risk the development of scurvy and
then be compelled to entirely do without such a valuable

Sterilized milk lacks freshness. It tastes dead, and to a
very great extent it is dead. Milk is rich in albuminoids,
derived, as it is, from tissues that contain them, and are
present in a vitalized form as proteids. The change that takes
place in boiling is the coagulation of the proteid molecules,
which sets free the inorganic molecules, thus rendering them
as to the iron and fluorine unabsorbable, and as to the
phosphates unassimilable. It is this most vital change that
takes place when milk is cooked.

The use of sterilized milk becomes especially serious
when it is remembered that children require both phosphatic
and ferric proteids in a living form which are contained only
in the natural or uncooked milk.”

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