Earth unique

Source: Answers In Genesis Volume 27 Issue 2

Astronomers have tended to assume that there is nothing special about our place in the cosmos, especially during the last decade, when over 100 extrasolar planets have been discovered. [NB—None has yet been observed; but they have been detected from the wobble that they induce in their own sun’s motion and when they block out some of the star’s light as they move in front. (Editor’s note: for an update since the publication of this issue, please see First light from extrasolar planets.)] So, many believe that habitable planets like ours might be common.

But a recent study suggests we could be alone in the universe after all. Martin Beer of the University of Leicester, UK, and co-workers say that the alien planets discovered so far could have been formed by a completely different process from the one that formed Earth. If that is so, says Beer, ‘there won’t necessarily be lots of other Earths up there’., , 6 August 2004.

There is at least one colossal difference between Earth and other planets—Earth was formed to be inhabited (Isaiah 45:18).

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