Wasn’t always a mad, bad world

Source: Answers In Genesis, Volume 27 Issue 2

Prions, the infectious agents responsible for Mad Cow Disease, are also known for causing similar degenerative diseases in other animals and people.

Smaller than a virus, a prion is believed to be a protein that is folded in a particular way so as to become a deadly pathogen.

Yet a recent study of prions in yeast, published in a leading medical journal, reveals that they may sometimes have a useful function. It seems that prions increase the genetic variety in yeast, allowing them to adapt more easily to new environments.

Lancet, 23 October 2004, pp. 1471–1472.

Starting from the Bible, we know that God originally created everything very good, but that death and suffering entered the world as a result of man’s rebellion. Therefore, it is not surprising to find that even agents usually thought of as pathogens have useful functions, since they were once non-pathogenic and part of a very good creation.

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