Main Lesson

There’s very little that modern literature has to offer. Void of moral character building, rife with magic and self-centered aggrandizing, I find true classics of bygone years to better fit the need of our family to have quality literature feed the soul.

True classics are those books that anyone from 5 to 105 can find something within the story to enjoy.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, for example, is available online:

A great online resource, on which I’ve relied for years is

Some of our favorites include anything in the Pierson series which includes, Among the Night People., Among the Meadow People, Among the Pond People, Among the Farmyard People – especially useful for character building in little ones, or as a reminder to their elders.

Take a look at the Genre section – allegories, anthologies, bible stories, bibliographies…..makes my heart race just looking at the wonderful selections.

Main Lesson is always in need of volunteers and we found it to be a wonderful project, especially for home schoolers like us who emphsize Language Arts.

Why am I sitting here typing. There are too many wonderful books to read…..

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